Synonyms for Pocket:


short (adjective)
small (adjective)
itty-bitty, dwarfish, niggardly, scrawny, wee, teeny, piddling, scant, miniature, diminutive, petite, sparing, scanty, minor, slim, minute, compact, minimal, puny, nugatory, bantam, spare, small, miserly, weeny, delicate, stingy, negligible, teensy, meager, modest, slight, tiny, beggarly, short, trifling, toy, teeny-weeny, smallish, baby, deficient, little, microscopic, ungenerous, picayune, paltry.
small, portable (adjective)
diminutive, wee, miniature, compact, tiny, midget, minute, little.


cash in, earn, recover, claim back, monetize, appropriate. clearance, break, expanse, distance, void, footprint, convex, cavity, hollow, elbow room, headroom, infinity, gap, vacuity. bankroll, budget, change, blood money, appropriation, bounty, bailout, cash flow, bond, amount. walk off with, help yourself to something, burgle, run away with. armhole, bib, care label, bodice, arm, breast pocket, collar, coattails, buttonhole. carry off, award, letter, crown, recapture, sweep, walk away with. bury, center, embed, entomb, cram, bed. bar billiards, pool, cue ball, baize, frame, cue, cushion, billiards. mold, catch-all, envelope. midget, minuscule, discreet. be in/out of the running, be onto a winner, you can't go wrong, have a fighting chance, be halfway there, someone's getting there, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), someone should/will go far. bag (noun)
handbag, saddlebag, pouch, sack, gunny sack, container, purse, school bag, satchel, pack sack, reticule.
cavity, pouch (noun)
hollow, sack, bag, receptacle.
container (noun)
box, jar, belly, bucket, reservoir, bowl, barrel, locker, jug, case, stomach, drum, cup, flask, bladder, basket, closet, storage, tray, cupboard, repository, vault, wallet, chest, shelf, suitcase, tank, bottle, crate, bin, vat, ladle, receptacle, drawer, can, cabinet, holder, trunk, cask, decanter.
pocket (noun)
pouch, bag, sack, sac, scoop.
receptacle (noun)


conceal (verb)
hide, enclose.
help oneself to something (verb)
enclose, shoplift, filch, pilfer, appropriate, abstract, hide, take, steal, swipe, lift.
possession (verb)
steal (verb)
heist, palm, plagiarize, abstract, loot, swindle, grab, rustle, swipe, shoplift, mug, rob, haul, filch, poach, hijack, pirate, extort, steal, shanghai, lift, blackmail, plunder, burglarize, stickup, cop, defraud, nip, pilfer, embezzle, fleece, holdup.

Other synonyms:

bar billiards, baize, cue, billiards, cue ball. earn. cavity. vacuity. frame, pool, cushion. steal
lift, appropriate.
take, carry off.

Usage examples for pocket

  1. It's nothing from my pocket – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  2. My leave pass must a' dropped out o' my pocket and through the railin's into the garden. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams