Synonyms for Basket:


boxful, boatload, armful, dessertspoon, cartload, cradle, bucketful. load, measure, catch-all, mold, envelope. currency, convertible, change, bureau de change, net, decimalise, base currency, denominate, common currency, decimalize. artifact (noun)
basket (noun)
basketful, field goal, handbasket, bassinet, bushel, hamper, basketball hoop, clothes basket, clothes hamper, washbasket, hoop.
basketball (noun)
center, foul out, backboard, foul line, goaltending, dunk, basketball, full-court press.
case (noun)
container (noun)
belly, receptacle, cask, cabinet, bin, bladder, sack, case, cupboard, shelf, closet, chest, vat, trunk, pouch, bowl, pocket, reservoir, box, barrel, storage, repository, purse, bottle, holder, tank, bucket, can, drum, vault, flask, stomach, cup, suitcase, wallet, ladle, jar, drawer, bag, jug, container, locker, tray, crate, decanter.
woven container (noun)
box, bin, bassinet, hamper, cradle, crate, bushel.

Other synonyms:

boatload, currency, denominate, boxful, bucketful, decimalize, armful, bureau de change, cartload, common currency, dessertspoon. envelope. mold, convertible, catch-all. change. basketball
dunk, basketball, full-court press, net, foul out, backboard, goaltending, center, foul line.
Other relevant words:
center, convertible, decimalise, cradle, dessertspoon, catch-all, backboard, mold, cartload, boxful, decimalize, denominate, basketful, boatload, basketball, currency, envelope, field goal, dunk, goaltending, net, load, armful, hoop, bucketful, measure, basketball hoop, change, handbasket.

Usage examples for basket

  1. " Look in the basket dear son," he said. – Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens
  2. You give her the basket – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. No one was there- only a basket – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau