Synonyms for Balance:


calorific, attraction, absorbance, bonding, air resistance, capillary action, centripetal force, excess, amplitude, surplus, centrifugal force. converter, profit, compressor, charger, agitator, dividend, calculator, convertor, boiler, blower. manage, codify, prioritize, scale, operate, restructure, reorganize, coordinate. opposition, opposite, obverse, negation, stasis, the converse, pole, the reverse, the contrary. borrower, feelings, bank rate, imperturbability, nonchalance, equanimity, composure, bank, sang-froid, bank statement, coolness, self-possession, banking, apr, cool, bank draft, unflappability, Bank book, BIPS, calm, aplomb, Collectedness, imperturbableness. due, borrowings, debt, debit, arrears, home loan, bill, liability, beautiful, bad debt. relation, Leavings, linkage, link, affinity, remains, leftover, relationship, correlation, association. reduce, top-slice, minimize, lower, cut back, trim down, halve, shrivel, erode, decrease. carriage, attitude, pose, stance, deportment, posture, position, bearing. get, exist, concentrate, belong, occupy, stand, lie, there is/are etc., sit. burrow, bow, bestride, bend, crane, crouch, cower, double over, crook. put down, put, lay, set out, pile. account (noun)
inventory, docket, asset, register, roll, balance sheet, account, profit and loss, budget, journal, schedule, Cashbook, receipts, slate, ledger, invoice, reckoning, general ledger, books, total.
balance (noun)
equilibrate, correspondence, equaliser, symmetricalness, counterpoise, equilibrium, counterweight, equilibrise, equilibrize, Libra The Scales, symmetry, Libra The Balance, libra, counterbalance, equipoise, equalizer, poise, proportion.
calmness (noun)
serenity, peace, cool head.
composure (noun)
poise, equanimity, stability, self-possession.
counterweight (noun)
equality (noun)
equivalence, indistinguishability, equality, fairness, sameness, identicalness, alikeness.
harmony (noun)
judgment (noun)
insight, discretion, perspective, judgment.
moderation (noun)
order (noun)
symmetry, normalcy, uniformity, arrangement, stability, system, efficiency, regularity, steadiness, consistency, organization, method, normality, harmony.
regularity (noun)
remains (noun)
sanity (noun)
rationality, common sense, reasonableness, sober-mindedness, realism, sensibility, sanity, lucidity.
stability (noun)
symmetry (noun)
evenness, proportion.
undetermined (noun)
undecided, critical uncertain.


compensate (verb)
counteract, nullify, correct, square, cancel, set, compensate, tune, adjust, offset, counterbalance, neutralize.
contact (verb)
equal (verb)
equalize, equal, meet, match.
make equal; cause to have equilibrium (verb)
set, equalize, stabilize, adjust, nullify, square, collate, neutralize, offset, cancel, match, counteract, harmonize, compensate.
make equal numerically (verb)
settle, total.
stative (verb)
equilibrise, equilibrate, equilibrize.

Other synonyms:

Libra the Balance
Libra The Balance.
Libra the Scales
Libra The Scales.
borrower, amount, stasis, the contrary, centrifugal force, amplitude, bank rate, bonding, blower, calorific, bank statement, carriage, burrow, double over, the converse, Collectedness, deportment, absorbance, convertor, obverse, Bank book, imperturbableness, converter, centripetal force, backlog, calculator, preponderance, charger, maximum, air resistance, cower, compressor, arithmetic, debit, banking, crouch, BIPS, antithesis, bestride, unflappability, bad debt, posture, capillary action, imperturbability, bank draft, allowance, arrears, attraction, crane. boiler, batch, agitator, nonchalance, opposition, aplomb, accumulation, equanimity, apr, correlation, pose, stance, liability, predominance, debt, coolness, negation, bearing, Leavings, sang-froid. crook, pole, generality, scale, bank, attitude, excess, opposite, set out, bow, block, capacity, linkage, self-possession, association, majority. lay, remains. bill, bend, due. lie, put. pile. link. position, put down. stand. get. calmness
Other relevant words:
leftover, symmetricalness, generality, equilibrium, aplomb, remains, equanimity, poise, counterpoise, correspondence.

Usage examples for balance

  1. Part of the vegetables we can use at home, and the balance I shall sell. – Herbert Carter's Legacy by Horatio Alger
  2. We have recovered our balance – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  3. I had my balance again, and she pushed me! – The Silent Places by Steward Edward White