Synonyms for Partner:


association, partnership, link, relations, reconciliation, relationship, connection, rapport, tie, chemistry. amalgamation, affiliate, combine, cohort, connect, demerger, contract out, copartner, buy out, BROS, Demerge, amalgamate, consolidate. cheerleader, ballet, ballerina, chorus girl, chorus, drill team, dancer, marriage, corps de ballet, consort, chorus line. cooperate, mobilize, unite, collaborate, join in, pull together, share, knit, get in with. husband, missis, lady, hubby, life partner, missus, man. assistant (noun)
servant, accessory, auxiliary, employee, minion, henchman, backer, lieutenant, follower, junior, hireling, deputy, adjunct, second, aide, attorney, subordinate, helpmate, underling, attendant, flunky, helper, agent, aide-de-camp, ancillary, Aider, benefactor, laborer, functionary, acolyte, stooge, associate, menial, proxy, patsy, chaperone, assistant, abettor, extra, accomplice.
follower (noun)
friend (noun)
buddy, co-worker, ally, classmate, roommate, comrade, Familiar, acquaintance, colleague, confidant, brother, sister, amigo, teammate, chum, intimate, mate, pal, playmate, company, schoolmate, cousin, companion, crony, friend, fellow.
husband (noun)
married man (noun)
partner (noun)
collaborator, mate, cooperator, better half, spouse, pardner, married person.
person who takes part with another (noun)
associate, assistant, crony, chum, playmate, spouse, husband, ally, colleague, consort, helper, pal, teammate, companion, friend, mate, helpmate, buddy, accomplice, cohort, comrade, collaborator.

Other synonyms:

collaborate, unite, copartner, knit, get in with. cooperate, cohort, pull together, affiliate. mobilize. share. husband

Usage examples for partner

  1. Easy there, partner don't take both them hands down at once. – Way of the Lawless by Max Brand
  2. Bradby rose reluctantly to his feet, and, with a nervous glance at the remains of the unknown, followed his partner in crime. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh
  3. Wasn't he a partner of Don Timoteo's? – The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo' by Jose Rizal