Synonyms for Satellite:


cluster, the Big Dipper, comet, dark matter, constellation, antimatter, moon, asteroid, celestial object, cosmic dust, black hole. blast off, spacecraft, booster, communications satellite, Cape Canaveral, aerospace, cosmonaut, apollo, sputnik, capsule, astronaut. nation, monarchy, dictatorship, federation, mandate, country, republic, autarky, democracy, protectorate, oligarchy, dependency. minion, conurbation, disciple, dormitory town, cohort, county town, adherent, henchman, precede, boom town, partisan, supporter, capital, follower, city state, the big smoke, county seat, over, city, burg. CCTV, digital television, CB, closed-circuit television, pay-per-view, hdtv, pay TV, fm, cable television, cable. unrelated, do with, unconnected, independent, in isolation, stand-alone, as distinct from, separate, fragmentary, discrete. satellite (noun)
orbiter, planet, outer, artificial satellite.
smaller country dependent upon a larger one (noun)
protectorate, dependency.
subsidiary (noun)
moon, spacecraft, sputnik, asteroid.

Other synonyms:

sputnik. minion, henchman, adherent, capsule, partisan. disciple. cohort. adherent
Other relevant words:
nation, country, capsule, cosmonaut, sputnik, separate, over, protectorate, stand-alone, partisan, capital, democracy, follower, fragmentary, booster, comet, disciple, pay-per-view, city, apollo, cable, minion, asteroid, federation, oligarchy, precede, adherent, CB, cohort, communications satellite, monarchy, antimatter, discrete, unrelated, astronaut, unconnected, constellation, conurbation, republic, fm, dependency, autarky, dictatorship, aerospace, hdtv, independent, henchman, supporter, mandate, burg, CCTV, spacecraft, cluster, moon.