Synonyms for Accompany:


conduct, usher, drive, chaperon, walk, deliver, lead, band together, shepherd, squire, tend, haul off, go along with, guard, look after, guide, bring, take out. add to, overlap, go hand in hand, clash, go together, append, complete. arrange, atmospherics, beat out, bang out, characterize, back, blast, baton, blast away, occur with, articulation. accompanied, go hand in hand with, consort. accompany (noun)
attach to, go with, come with, company, keep company, companion, follow.


accompany (verb)
adorn, chaperone, attend, convoy, accessorize, escort, attach, add, supplement, second, affix, garnish.
coincide (verb)
coincide, synchronize with, agree, concur.
stative (verb)
attach to, come with, go with.

Other synonyms:

arrange, bang out, atmospherics, beat out, blast, bring, blast away, baton, occur with, go together. overlap, clash. consort, go along with, conduct, take out. back. follow
come with.
Other relevant words:
back, follow, conduct, add to, guard, bring, guide, go hand in hand, take out, append, tend, baton, drive, go with, companion, squire, go together, keep company, go hand in hand with, look after, consort, occur with, walk, usher, complete, chaperon, accompanied, shepherd, company, come with, attach to, characterize, lead, band together, go along with.

Usage examples for accompany

  1. " Not we," was their answer, " but we get well paid, and we accompany as we think fit!" – The Great Musicians: Rossini and His School by Henry Sutherland Edwards
  2. She was to carry him with her only to lose him surely; he was to accompany her on her journey only to turn back. – The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold