Synonyms for Lieutenant:


administrative assistant, advance person, ally. captain, chief of staff, brigadier, brigadier general, CDR, Coadjutant, coadjutor, co, adjutant, col, colonel. cadet, commissioner, bobby, constable, cop, chief of police, copper. accompaniment (noun)
appendix, attachment, ornament, fixture, extension, adornment, addendum, consort, secondary, garnish, companion, accompaniment, appurtenance, appendage, brother, addition.
agent (noun)
factor, mediator, operative, middleman, broker, actor, agency, instrument, intermediary, vehicle, ombudsman, executor, go-between, impresario, liaison.
assistant (noun)
attorney, auxiliary, follower, appointee, functionary, associate, aide-de-camp, attendant, assistant, ancillary, abettor, coadjutor, underling, adjutant, peon, acolyte, accessory, partner, minion, backer, agent, employee, backup, menial, proxy, flunky, servant, helper, stooge, Coadjutant, accomplice, chaperone, hireling, adjunct, benefactor, representative, help, junior, deputy, subordinate, extra, Aider, aide, second, companion, helpmate, henchman, ally, laborer, patsy.
deputy (noun)
figurehead, mouthpiece, alternate, token, stand in, arm, emissary, spokeswoman, delegate, envoy, ghost, understudy, substitute, nominee, dummy, surrogate, representative, appointee, assignee, backup, double, spokesman.
lieutenant (noun)
deputy, police lieutenant.
servant (noun)
worker, hand, pawn, peon, serf, aid, vassal, volunteer, helping hand, help, chattel, subject.
substitute (noun)
counterfeit, fill in, imitation, replacement, alternative.

Other synonyms:

Coadjutant. adjutant, coadjutor. Other relevant words:
fighter, chief of police, ally, cadet, brigadier, col, police lieutenant, shavetail, commissioner, brigadier general, adjutant, coadjutor, copper, bobby, sublieutenant, captain, cop, chief of staff, CDR, colonel, looie, Coadjutant, army officer, soldier, constable, commissioned officer.

Usage examples for lieutenant

  1. Lieutenant Lynch told me all about it. – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  2. " No, indeed, sir," agreed the first lieutenant – Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas by Lloyd Osbourne
  3. " I- I guess not," stammered Lieutenant Radbury. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer