Synonyms for Joined:


adjoining (adjective)
adjacent, juxtaposed.
all (adjective)
allied (adjective)
attached (adjective)
connected, extended, added, related, extra, subscripted, Prefixed, accompanied, married, Spliced, Annexed, Suffixed, additional, embellished, attached, affixed, Hitched, augmented, merged, bound.
combined (adjective)
fastened (adjective)
included (adjective)
joined (adjective)
coupled, fused, bonded, wed, inseparable, attached, banded, akin, interlaced, affiliated, stuck together, Mingled, Welded, intermixed, affixed, interclasped, Bracketed, juxtaposed, unified, Confederated, connected, paired, interallied, Abutted, synergistic, allied, merged, Adhered, accompanying, intertwined, involved, adjacent, Spliced, interdependent, amalgamated, Cemented, married, federated, entwined, related, mixed, Hitched, Annexed, combined, put together, conjoined, wedded, associated, blended, united, touching, interfused, consolidated, cognate.
joint (adjective)
conjoint, consolidated.


joined (noun)
coupled, connected, linked, united, married.
linked (noun)
interlaced, paired, fused, Clutched, tied together, Interlaid, incorporated, blended, Mortised, associated, pieced together, banded, bound up in, intertwined, Assimilated, touching, engrafted, clipped together, interfused, corporate, combined, conjoined, Cemented, put together, federated, Grappled, interclasped, Yoked, Bracketed, mixed, bound up with, Confederated, stuck together, fastened together, clasped together, Mingled, akin, inseparable, reciprocally attached, coupled with, interallied, accompanying, interdependent, Welded, entwined, intermixed, cognate, unified, involved, conjoint.


attached (verb)
coupled, bound, Spliced, juxtaposed, Clung, Abutted, married, related, attached, Hitched, fastened, Annexed, bonded, stuck, Adhered, affixed, merged, connected, wedded.
closed (verb)
blocked, shut, barricaded, jammed, stopped, locked, sealed, bolted, secured, closed, latched.
contacted (verb)
Adjoined, Met, reached out, Butted, contacted, touched, bordered.
enrolled (verb)
enrolled, subscribed, enlisted, registered.
join (verb)
bound, wed.
joined (verb)
bonded, amalgamated, Spliced, consolidated, Annexed, wedded, coupled, married, affixed, Clung, connected, Adhered, allied, merged, Abutted, affiliated, juxtaposed, attached, related.
met (verb)
ran into, run into, gathered, received, Greeted, assembled, bumped into, Encountered, welcomed.
participated (verb)
shared, Partaken, co-operated, Entered, Partook, Participated.
socialized (verb)
Befriended, Conversed, hosted, Talked, hob-nobbed, socialized, attended.

Other synonyms:

mixed, unified, inseparable. linked
combined, linked.
Other relevant words:
corporate, mixed, tied together, conjoint, combined, Cemented, linked, united, Assimilated, Mingled, associated, conjoined, Confederated, incorporated, paired, Bracketed, blended, banded, fused, unified, involved, stuck together, intermixed, inseparable, accompanying, Yoked.

Usage examples for joined

  1. I never would have you joined with me in a secret. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  2. Mrs. Eyrecourt joined her daughter at the window. – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins
  3. I turned to look for Philip, and saw that my sister had joined him while I had been speaking to Miss Jillgall. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins