Synonyms for Confederate:


allied (adjective)
in alliance, Leagued, unionized, corporate, incorporated, federal, amalgamated, syndicated, organized, associated, combined.


alumnus, core, commissioner, branch, baby, arriviste, academician, charter member. Benedict Arnold, antebellum, the Axis, the Allies, the Berlin Wall, armistice day, south of the Mason Dixon line, Auschwitz, the Bay of Pigs, slaveholding, the Battle of Britain, rebel. centurion, fusilier, knight, conquistador, brave, Leaguer, connect, ensign, ANZAC, dragoon, cavalryman, politics, Coalitionist. workmate, subordinate, relief, counterpart, junior, fellow, co-worker, superior, opposite number, cohort, copartner. glue, unification, unity, conspirator, unified, unify, help. federate, league, align. abettor (noun)
ally, conspirator, collaborator, associate, fellow, accomplice.
confederate (noun)
allied, united, henchman, collaborator, band together, confederative, partner in crime, southern, accomplice.
federated (noun)
amalgamated, Leagued, organized, corporate, unionized, associated, joined, in league, incorporated, combined, syndicated, in alliance, Confederated, federal, federate, in cahoots.


co-operate (verb)
mesh, concur, dovetail, interplay, reciprocate, affiliate, pool, interweave, associate, intertwine, unite, intermesh, collude, share, trade, ally, collaborate, participate, interlace, overlap, band, co-operate.
combine (verb)

Other synonyms:

Confederated, academician, branch, cavalryman, core, alumnus, dragoon, charter member, knight, ANZAC, Coalitionist, Leaguer, unification, centurion, copartner, arriviste, fusilier, baby, conquistador. ensign, unify, brave, unified. glue, cohort. align. betrayer
Other relevant words:
band together, in league, co-worker, henchman, united, copartner, arriviste, associated, conspirator, cavalryman, glue, confederative, academician, unionized, syndicated, Confederated, dragoon, in alliance, in cahoots, Leaguer, Leagued, unification, incorporated, league, amalgamated, align, subordinate, federal, fellow, fusilier, partner in crime, cohort, centurion, corporate, Coalitionist, organized, connect, southern, ANZAC, allied, federate, accomplice, ensign, combined, collaborator, unify.

Usage examples for confederate

  1. As I did so, I saw that the whole street behind us to the south was swarming with Confederate soldiers, not fifty feet away. – A Narrative of Service with the Third Wisconsin Infantry by Julian Wisner Hinkley
  2. He insisted that the other Confederate who was a married man, be set free. – Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia by Carrie Hunter Willis Etta Belle Walker