Synonyms for Connect:


bus, aboard, bookable, book on, Booking office, aisle seat, board, booking, afloat, ARR. equate, compare, pin. comprehend, see the light, deduce, know, clip, get the idea, make sense of something, moor, understand, secure, have a feel for something, work out, fall/fit into place. bludgeon, punch, HIT, stun, beat up, beat, batter, smack, thump. patch through, teledensity, connection, Telecommunications, Wi-Fi, reach, connected. connect (noun)
plug in, unite, link, tie, link up, join, tie in, touch base, colligate, get in touch, relate, associate.


attach (verb)
fasten, attach, cling, stick, couple, juxtapose, abut, merge, bond, wed, splice, adhere, annex, bind, affix, relate, marry, join, hitch.
attribute (verb)
cast, assign, refer, accredit, impute, mark, place, cite, blame, attribute, apply, set, brand, credit, acknowledge, ascribe.
cohere (verb)
integrate, stick together, fuse, solidify, cohere, conform.
combine, link (verb)
equate, fasten, associate, marry, wed, affix, correlate, join, attach, unite, couple, ally, tie in, cohere, relate.
contact (verb)
link up, adjoin, contact, touch, meet, tie, butt, link, border, reach out.
fasten (verb)
paste, knit, buckle, plait, cement, lace, braid, strap, stay, tie, hinge, baste, chain, glue, clinch, weave, lash, tether, zip, sew, suture, knot, string, bracket, stitch, link, weld, tack.
install (verb)
insert, fix, root, build in, plant, position, put, install, implant, graft, ensconce, Instate, initiate, locate, embed, establish.
join (verb)
affiliate, consolidate, amalgamate, ally.
relate (verb)
correlate, associate, pertain.

Other synonyms:

diverge, moor, pin, meld, clip, secure, equate, fit out. click, coalesce. compound, HIT, close, connected, ascend, bend. alarm, identify. extend, end, set up. connection, communicate, ground. fit, reach. attach
link up.
put together
tie in.

Usage examples for connect

  1. They will not say, either, how they first came to connect him with the affair. – The Chase of the Golden Plate by Jacques Futrelle
  2. Nerves to connect with his. – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer