Synonyms for Argue:


claim, establish, elucidate, excuse, justify, demonstrate, hold, maintain, account for, put down to, present, appeal, answer to, assert, explain. cavil, dicker, clarify, feud, haggle, talk about, fight it out. negotiate, talk through, clear the air, study at. affirm, words. spat, tiff, tangle, squabble, quibble. avow, aver, declare, allege, say, state, asseverate, avouch. mark, point to, witness, testify, attest. bring, get, convince, induce, persuade, persuasion, talk into. argue (noun)
debate, reason, indicate, fence, contend.


communication (verb)
debate, reason, indicate, fence, contend.
converse (verb)
discuss, converse, meet, chat, parley, talk, consult, debate.
try to convince; present support (verb)
justify, establish, maintain, defend, hold, assert, witness, attest, testify, reason, present, appeal, claim, talk into, persuade, elucidate, explain, demonstrate, indicate.

Other synonyms:

asseverate, avouch, aver, cavil, declare, haggle, put down to. allege, assert, answer to, squabble, affirm, attest, explain, talk through, feud, negotiate. avow. quibble, say, claim. tangle, testify, excuse. maintain. hold. battle
bring around
talk into.
dissent, quarrel.
point to.

Usage examples for argue

  1. Well- well- well- Well, Bertrand, we can't argue about these things. – Sisters Three by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. Following this tendency it was natural to argue as Paul had done, that Christians like Jesus would be raised with the same bodies which they had had. – Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity by Kirsopp Lake
  3. However, he did not want to argue with this poor old woman. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell