Synonyms for Sing:


impersonal, future, croon, finite, causative, imperative, imperfect, intransitive, trill, twitter, squawk, mumble, vocalize, active, pipe up, ergative, continuous. beat, cheep, alight, resound, brood, coo, buzz, purr, cry, caw, sound, flap. pulsate, murmur, compose, write, grumble, rumble, resonate, roar. tune, carry a tune, sing along, burst/break into song, sing out. inform, finger, dog, exposure, denounce, fink, frame, knowledge, squeal, stool, snitch, law, tip, confession, rat, frame up, denunciation. sing (noun)
blab out, blab, babble, whistle, babble out, tattle, peach, talk.


carry a tune with one's voice (verb)
croon, roar, buzz, vocalize, harmonize, serenade, purr, tune, solo, resound, whistle, trill.
communication (verb)
perform music (verb)
perform, jam, gig, solo, harmonize, serenade, play, practice.
tattle on someone (verb)
inform, fink, rat, peach, talk, snitch.

Other synonyms:

sing along, croon. snitch, stool, sing out, inform. trill, squeal. vocalize, sound. tip. hum
Other relevant words:
peach, finger, compose, coo, rumble, blab, tip, murmur, tune, rat, fink, blab out, tattle, whistle, twitter, babble out, squeal, babble, denounce, purr, squawk, resound, caw, talk, sound, roar, buzz, inform, croon, mumble, vocalize, cheep, snitch, stool, trill.

Usage examples for sing

  1. " You sing do you not? – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  2. " But you've not heard me sing I said. – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  3. They sing and laugh over their work. – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook