Synonyms for Trail:


direct elections, by election, electioneering, elect, advance poll, election, chad, beauty contest, disenfranchise. demonstration, poke, evidence, fast, loiter, linger, delay, pointer, tarry, procrastinate, smoking gun, dawdle, the color of someone's money, suggestion, dally, dilly-dally, illustration, proof. blood sports, capture, bite, bait, cast, big game, angling, marks, bag. bird dog, process, precede, proceedings, rash, pattern, shadow, avalanche, string, domino effect, chain reaction, line. bridle path, towpath, walk, heel, esplanade, boardwalk, nature trail. decay, the ravages of something, havoc, damage, ruin, devastation, destruction, harm, demolition, sabotage. operation, series, syndrome, round, record, campaign, charm offensive. sling, suspend, hang out, cascade. creep, crawl, drift, meander, fall behind, ease. hound, follow around, stick to. jerk, pluck at, tug, strain, tow, pull, tear at, heave. follower (noun)
follower, postscript, conclusion, caboose.
odor (noun)
perfume, nose, exhalation, whiff, redolence, stink, emanation, scent, essence, stench, effluvium, odor, smell, breath, cachet, fragrance, fumes, malodorousness, bouquet.
path, track (noun)
marks, train, tail, way, scent.
pathway (noun)
trace (noun)
Tracks, way.


contact (verb)
follow (verb)
descend, result, lag, succeed, ensue.
hang (verb)
loll, droop, swing, nod, sag, sway, drape, bob, dangle, hang, Draggle.
lag behind, follow (verb)
hunt, loiter, shadow, hang back, pursue, trudge, fall behind, dawdle, dangle, hang, dog, dally, pull, Draggle, lag, stalk, chase, drag, delay, poke, tarry, procrastinate, track, linger, droop, tow.
pursue (verb)
seek, quest, harry, undertake, sleuth, track, endeavor, stalk, follow, tail, dog, search, strive, aspire, chase, hunt, intend, pursue, aim.
smell (verb)
breathe, exhale, emanate.

Other synonyms:

bridle path, nature trail, follow around, way, linger, boardwalk, esplanade, dilly-dally, tear at, pluck at, tow, charm offensive, towpath. walk, syndrome, procrastinate, dawdle, tarry, fall behind, bird dog, tug, creep. Tracks, meander. delay, hound, dally, crawl. shadow, series. drift, campaign, heel, stick to, poke, jerk. ease. process. record. pull, strain, round. follow
hang back
drop behind.
pull along

Usage examples for trail

  1. To think, Jane, that my trail's- end should run into yours this way! – Lonesome Town by Ethel and James Dorrance
  2. " Unrope me an' give me th' trail – Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up Bar-20 by Clarence Edward Mulford
  3. We took his trail – The Silent Places by Steward Edward White