Synonyms for Rise:


double, add to, Upspring, go through the roof. pile, prosper, be/get there, flourish, win out, be a roaring success, achieve, roll out. living, salary, wage, income, minimum wage, pay, performance-related pay, starvation wages, earnings. augment, affirm, allow, appear, claim, extend, run up, proliferate, build, call, bring, swell, cite, multiply, enlarge, appeal, expand, aggrandize, magnify, beef up, snowball, burgeon, arraign, bring before, amplify. chase, proceed, defect, bring down, blacklist, agitate, flow, emanate, foment, destabilize, issue, stem, dislodge, derive, boycott. fade, echo, deafen, go off, ring, reverberate. force, domination, might, leadership, oligopoly, control, resist, greatness, authority, power, mutiny, monopoly. sit-up, straighten up, get/leap/rise/stagger etc. to your feet, regain your feet. kick up, pick up. dune, fell, Downs, cliff, highlands, Butte, bluff, foothills. exist, lie, there is/are etc., concentrate, set, sit, belong, occupy. crust, crusty, poppyseed, bakery, knead, leavened, bake, dough. howl, lash, gust, freshen, blow. drain, blush, flush, flame, burn, flood, color up. harden, choke, modulate, quaver. channel, come in, cast up, catch, crest, dash, burst, course. engulf, color, run, grip, come over, pulse, sweep over. ascent (noun)
elevation, escalation, uprising, ascent, mounting, rising, ascension, levitation.
elevation (noun)
increase (noun)
boost, upsurge.
increase, improvement (noun)
boost, multiplication, upsurge, upgrade, distention, raise, climb, surge, hike, acceleration, accession, addition, inflation, augmentation, growth, ascent, enlargement, upswing, swell, advance.
leap (noun)
movement upward; upward slope (noun)
elevation, lift, towering, ascension, rising, soaring, acclivity, mount.
rise (noun)
ascent, mount, heighten, originate, come up, go up, climb, spring up, prove, hike, rebel, rise up, acclivity, ascension, lift, climb up, advance, upgrade, develop, rising slope, cost increase, raise, wage increase, boost, rear, rising, uprise, arise, wax, wage hike, grow, move up, jump, salary increase, ascending.
source (noun)
appearance, emergence.
tease (noun)
annoy, anger, bait, provoke.


ascend (verb)
escalade, climb, lift, ascend, soar, mount, levitate, scale, elevate, float.
become apparent (verb)
develop, issue, originate, derive, emanate, flow, proceed, stem, appear.
elevate (verb)
exalt, raise, rear, escalate, heighten, hoist, uplift, upraise, erect.
get up; ascend (verb)
levitate, arise, move up, roll out, come up, Upspring, soar, grow, scale, rise up, straighten up.
heighten (verb)
increase, grow (verb)
double, add to, magnify, go up, multiply, go through the roof, enlarge, expand, ascend, augment, wax, pick up, heighten, build.
progress in business (verb)
prosper, flourish, succeed, thrive.
rebel (verb)
mutiny, resist.

Other synonyms:

growth, modulate, extend. howl. build. go far, lash, choke. set, pick up. gray. blow, shift. thin. ascend
move up, scale.
come up
spring up.
do well
go far
go far.
go up
go through the roof.
uprise, uprising.
Other relevant words:
spring up, upswing, originate, swell, surge, advance, wax, rise up, come up, boost, hike, go up, acclivity, growth, roll out, grow, increase, arise, uprise.

Usage examples for rise

  1. He shouldn't rise should he? – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach
  2. They don't see their danger, and they're too tired to rise if they do. – The Shagganappi by E. Pauline Johnson
  3. " Oh, quite," I agreed, and added, " I'll stay and see the sun rise – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford