Synonyms for Come:


close in, draw in. deliver, appear, escort, haul off, reach, shepherd, walk, conduct, lead. show up, later, turn up, tomorrow, sooner or later, one day, to come, someday, far-off, in the long run/term, when the time comes. evolve, fulfill, come to, touch, overtake, proceed, push. go to, emanate, originate, take over, dive in, get down to, start on, get around to, take up. befall, bollocks, beaver, cojones, cervical, cervix, bits. spend the night with someone, jump into bed with someone, be intimate with someone, climax, consummate. island hop, roam, travel, see the world, bum around, why, get around, explore. march, unfold, move. outsell, come off, retail, betide, sell out, transpire, come/go under the hammer, go/sell like hot cakes, go for, sell. cost a pretty penny, cost/pay the earth, cost an arm and a leg. change, wax, turn. come to pass. come (noun)
get, DO, number, issue forth, follow, add up, occur, descend, fare, total, make out, arrive, get along, come up, fall, derive, amount.
come about (noun)
befall, come to pass, transpire, occur.
come along (noun)
come by (noun)
come down with (noun)
come in (noun)
appear, show up, enter, arrive.
come in for (noun)
come off (noun)
come on (noun)
advance, proceed, appear.
come out (noun)
come through (noun)
come to (noun)
come up (noun)
occur, turn up.
come up to (noun)
approach, reach.
come up with (noun)


advance, approach (verb)
close in, move, occur, appear, show up, arrive, get, attain, enter, turn up, reach, originate, near.
approach (verb)
approach, access, close, converge, impend, loom, near, advance, gain.
approached (verb)
Came, closed, Gained, advanced, Loomed, Neared, Converged, accessed, Approached, Impended.
arrive (verb)
attain, debark, land, enter, accomplish, arrive.
arrived (verb)
landed, Arrived, Entered, Debarked, accomplished, attained.
happen (verb)
come to pass, transpire, fall, befall, betide.
motion (verb)
come up.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

drop back, island hop, overtake, betide, walk, bum around, haul off, dead heat, escort, false start, shepherd, roam, lead. conduct, dash, befall, Upspring, explore, outsell, show up. emanate, baton, fulfill, proceed, sell out, transpire, wax, deliver, reach. march, turn up, sell, move. retail, spring. push. ahead, originate. go for. touch. turn. add up
close in, Neared, impend.
arrive at
transpire, come to pass.

Usage examples for come

  1. Come with us, Hamish." – Shenac's Work at Home by Margaret Murray Robertson
  2. " Should she come back . – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie
  3. Why did you not come – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr