Synonyms for Held:


grasped (adjective)
gripped, controlled, occupied, retained, taken, guarded, Believed, Defended, Detained, Clutched, Adhered.
possessed (adjective)
Claimed, acquired, owned, possessed.
retained (adjective)


Detained, guarded, occupied, Defended, stuck, sustained, taken.


believed (verb)
given faith, Believed, Assented, concluded, gathered, presumed, Judged, professed, taken for granted, Surmised, took for granted, gave faith, trusted, Deemed, declared, accepted, put faith in, supposed, assumed, maintained, affirmed, credited, understood.
commanded (verb)
Swayed, coordinated, Griped, mastered, governed, controlled, Managed, dominated, charged, Reigned, ruled, disciplined, Commanded.
contained (verb)
Stowed, contained, enclosed, Comprised, included, received, Accommodated.
enclosed (verb)
surrounded, confined, Caged, Impounded, enveloped, imprisoned, covered, encircled, corralled, fenced, Encompassed, trapped.
gripped (verb)
gripped, Clasped, Adhered, Embraced, retained, seized, grasped, Grappled, kept, Clutched.
possessed (verb)
Monopolized, Had.
retained (verb)
Hindered, preserved, reserved, conserved, Prevented.
stopped (verb)
terminated, stopped, ended, Froze, Paused, frozen, Stayed, Ceased, halted.
withdrew (verb)
withheld, suppressed, Withdrew, withdrawn, retracted, Revoked, recalled, Recanted.

Other synonyms:

taken. Other relevant words:
Detained, guarded, occupied, Defended, stuck, sustained, taken.

Usage examples for held

  1. She held out a letter. – Basil by Wilkie Collins
  2. The girl too held a rod in her hand. – The Dragon's Secret by Augusta Huiell Seaman
  3. He held it out to Diana. – The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler