Synonyms for Distance:


history, extent, mileage, a giant step/leap/stride, progress, span, interval, expanse, maturation, reach, direction, advancement, range, the march of something, advance, gap, momentum, development. clearance, infinity, country, air pocket, background, headroom, objective, outskirts, antipodes, break, elbow room, neighborhood, outpost, footprint, sky, horizon, surroundings. measure, way, foot, variety, mile, fathom, inch, collision, ell, ways, meter, variation, yard, rod, league, hand, contradiction, a world of difference, divergence, block, difference. piece, athletic, stretch, athlete, event, caber, the broad jump, cross country, discus, decathlon, big, athletics. date, day, near, epoch, countdown, era, delay, chapter. not look kindly on/upon, take a dim/poor view of, frown on, have a problem with something, oppose, sweep, not hold with something, spread, disapprove, disagree with, put some distance between, expansion, demur. dissociation, handiness, remove, propinquity, disjunction, proximity, nearness, closeness. attitude, Hauteur, abruptness, hostility, the knives are out, frigidity, detachment, stiffness, concern, include, severity. aloofness (noun)
frigidity, indifference, coolness, stiffness, restraint, reserve.
attribute (noun)
distance (noun)
length, outdistance, space, outstrip, aloofness.
expansion (noun)
finish (noun)
complete, through, bring to an end.
interval, range (noun)
span, remoteness, remove, sky, objective, extent, length, way, expanse, farness, reach, sweep, spread, outskirts, horizon, outpost, space, gap, stretch.
mileage (noun)
remoteness (noun)
farness, offing, yonder, remoteness, beyond.
time (noun)


alienate (verb)
disunite, divide, separate, estrange, disaffect, push away, divorce, alienate.
dissociate oneself; leave behind (verb)

Other synonyms:

athletics, nearness, epoch, proximity, athlete, measure, discus, the broad jump, decathlon, mile, elbow room, athletic, propinquity, disjunction, Hauteur, caber. headroom, severity, hostility, event, infinity, footprint, gap, interval, countdown, air pocket. clearance, day, block, cross country, expansion, era. chapter, delay, span. break, date, detachment. extent. stretch. piece. remove. breadth
Other relevant words:
day, outpost, athletics, aloofness, athletic, surroundings, momentum, complete, variety, foot, closeness, ways, objective, interval, demur, proximity, development, sky, athlete, background, disjunction, advance, nearness, date, expanse, ell, footprint, dissociation, collision, history, through, horizon, chapter, divergence, span, range, meter, reach, length, infinity, era, detachment, space, expansion, Hauteur, outskirts, gap, piece, hostility, yard, handiness, break, country, indifference, propinquity, sweep, stretch, caber, restraint, clearance, stiffness, disapprove, block, maturation, reserve, discus, way, antipodes, contradiction, extent, direction, neighborhood, headroom, mile, frigidity, rod, concern, spread, advancement, hand, big, remove, severity, progress, coolness, league, abruptness, decathlon, variation, mileage, countdown, oppose, near, difference, measure, outstrip, include, attitude, fathom, epoch, inch, delay, outdistance, event.

Usage examples for distance

  1. But they were already some distance away. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  2. " I saw the things, you know, at a distance – Operation Terror by William Fitzgerald Jenkins