Synonyms for Chase:


blacklist, agitate, dislodge, bring down, demonstrate, boycott, destabilize, defect, foment. chat up, ask out, make a pass at someone, pair off, run after, flirt, have your eye on someone, pick up, sweep someone off their feet. effort, trial run, stand, run, go, drive, push. strain, attempt, press for, try, work, struggle, hot pursuit, try for, push for. chip away, card, file, chop, cut, chisel, drill, crimp, flail. chase down, get after, hunt out, hunt down, in hot pursuit. hasten, hustle, rush, be quick, scurry, hurry, scramble, dash. act (noun)
following, pursuit.
chase (noun)
go after, tail, following, chase after, tag, pursuit, dog, track, trail, chamfer, furrow.
pursuit (noun)
hunt, quest.
search (noun)


follow (verb)
ensue, descend, result, succeed, run after, lag.
motion (verb)
dog, trail, track, tail, go after, chase after, tag.
pursue (verb)
aim, seek, search, pursue, harry, quest, strive, track, follow, sleuth, stalk, intend, endeavor, trail, dog, undertake, aspire, tail, hunt.
run after, pursue (verb)
follow, trail, track, seek, go after, drive, rush.

Other synonyms:

blacklist, boycott, hot pursuit, hunt down, foment, agitate, destabilize, trial run, pair off, ask out, bring down, attempt, chat up. demonstrate, chip away, flirt, hurry, get after, defect, try, hunt out, struggle, dislodge. chisel, effort, flail. chop, crimp, hustle. file, dash, push, scramble, stand, go. strain. drill, pick up. rush. drive. card. run. court
run after.
ferret out
hunt down, chase down.
go after, tag.
chase after.
Other relevant words:
chop, run, demonstrate, chamfer, drill, chisel, furrow, foment, scramble, pursuit, hasten, hunt out, drive, push, boycott, dash, scurry, hunt down, defect, strain, go after, card, hurry, blacklist, dislodge, hustle, try, effort, following, agitate, cut, struggle, tag, work, flirt, rush, destabilize, crimp, hot pursuit, flail, go, chase after, attempt, file, stand.

Usage examples for chase

  1. Peggy liked the idea of a chase – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  2. Chase him into the sea! – The Ball and The Cross by G.K. Chesterton
  3. This time she gave the Boy a chase – The Adventures of Fleetfoot and Her Fawns by Allen Chaffee