Synonyms for Look:


check on, look around. regarding, contemplation, listen up, introspection, Noticing, marking, observation, attending, reconnaissance, scrutiny, hello, examination, inspection, just/wait a moment, attention, all-right, once-over, speculation, Hey, right, gander, okay then, YO. squint, may, perhaps, might, maybe, I thought (that), it's just a thought, flash, Why-not, what if, survey, could, leer, how about...?, peep. eye, become, grow, be, come over, contemplate, go, get. Styling, externals, quest, under/in the guise of, effect, hunt, cast about. consideration, soul-searching, thought, reasoning, concentration, sound, assessment, focus, forethought, surface. associate, compartmentalize, keep an eye on, minister to, muse, sentimentalize, tend, hive off, look out for, go by, isolate, care for. set, exist, concentrate, belong, occupy, sit, stand, there is/are etc., lie. house, couturier, collection, catwalk, haute couture, fashion house, fashion show, fashionista, goth. physiognomy, mug, Chops, puss, feature. seek out, probe, scavenge, pick through, search out, hunt down. mask, long face, frown. preview, sighting, eye contact. tracking, trawl, scouting, wild-goose chase, prowl, rummage, hunting. appearance (noun)
image, form, countenance, spectacle, figure, mien, demeanor, shape, cast, aspect, view, display, show, vista, air, bearing, appearance.
characteristic, stylish appearance (noun)
countenance, effect, mug, air, demeanor, face, expression, bearing, physiognomy, aspect, mien.
look (noun)
front, flavor, attend, smell, spirit, see, flavour, expect, facial expression, seem, face, reckon, calculate, await, bet, aspect, expression, depend, count, wait, feeling, looking, looking at, feel, take care, appear, tone.
visual examination (noun)
reconnaissance, once-over, contemplation, squint, stare, sight, peek, glimpse, leer, speculation, introspection, scrutiny, gander, eye, flash, cast, inspection, glance, gaze, Noticing, observation, regard, regarding, marking, survey, attention, view.


appear, seem to be (verb)
show, sound, display.
examine visually (verb)
attend, contemplate, observe, tend, peep, peer, see, focus, watch, spy, inspect, behold.
expect, anticipate (verb)
hunt, await.
observe (verb)
spectate, gaze, eyewitness, behold, perceive, watch, witness, sight see, observe.
see (verb)
discern, glare, peek, spy, peer, regard, see, glimpse, stare, sight, inspect, glance.

Other synonyms:

be, isolate, sighting, listen up, squint, Styling, externals, peep, long face, check on, sentimentalize, eye contact. contemplation, frown, compartmentalize. come over, hello, become. hunt, effect, grow, muse, go by, associate. preview, mask. go. surface. eye. sound. all-right. right. get. countenance
look at
cast about.
looking at.