Synonyms for Passion:


interest, involvement, fascination, absorption, motivation, public interest, fixation, spice. enjoyment, blast, amusement, binge, escapism, delight, crowd pleaser, change, outburst, intensity. admiration, awe, feelings, reverence, deference, respect. frame of mind, fancy, undercurrent, heart, your inner self. erotism, Amativeness, lustfulness, creationism, commandment, eroticism, pruriency, eden, canon law, canonical, cardinal sin, the Creation, prurience, libidinousness, concupiscence, the Cross, the Fall, the crucifixion. love affair. concern, zealousness. fit, conniption, tantrum, huff, conniption fit. adoration, love (noun)
craving, fondness, attachment, infatuation, concupiscence, amorousness, lust, prurience, crush, appetite, urge, desire, eroticism.
attribute (noun)
heat, warmth.
captivation (noun)
desire (noun)
expectation, eagerness, craving, thirst, acquisitiveness, hunger, amorousness, itch, hope, urge, wish, desire, fondness, covetousness, yearning, longing, Ardency, lust, greed, need.
enthusiasm (noun)
Ardency, zealousness, ardor.
erotism (noun)
arousal, erotism.
excitability (noun)
rashness, nervousness, fragility, quick-temperedness, volatility, Combustibility, recklessness, sensitivity, edginess, irritability, storminess, short-temperedness, excitableness, emotionality, hot-temperedness, brittleness, explosiveness, crankiness, impulsiveness, tempestuousness, touchiness.
excitement (noun)
effervescence, fire, attentiveness, furor, disquietude, anxiety, inflammation, stimulation, electrification, arousal, turbulence, exhilaration, fervor.
feeling (noun)
feverishness, response, experience, sensation, feeling, ardor, sympathy, thrill, impression, emotion, tingle, mood, passionateness.
life (noun)
mental state (noun)
sexual desire (noun)
appetite, concupiscence.
state (noun)
strong emotion (noun)
excitement, eagerness, ardor, sentiment, affection, fit, anger, heat, fire, spirit, warmth, devotion, feeling, animation, zeal, intensity, zest, outburst, fervor, rage.
strong interest (noun)
fancy, mania, enthusiasm, fascination.
vigor (noun)
exuberance, liveliness, activity, lustiness, spirit, power, agitation, friskiness, strength, fervency, excitement, sprightliness, zest, animation, industriousness, vigor, zeal, verve, puissance, relish, earnestness, vim, energy, gusto, enthusiasm, potency, agility.
violence (noun)

Other synonyms:

fixation, lustfulness, public interest, undercurrent, frame of mind, deference, zealousness, motivation, eroticism, reverence, Amativeness, conniption fit, erotism, prurience, conniption, fascination, involvement, libidinousness, pruriency. huff, concupiscence, love affair, interest, tantrum. absorption. concern, heart. respect. fancy.

Usage examples for passion

  1. After this all my passion for vengeance died out, and I was brought face to face with the old love and the old despair. – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  2. Stop, stop, don't go, cried Mr. Balch, following him out at the door, which they closed behind them; don't go away in a passion Mr. Stevens. – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  3. How hot with passion he had been then! – The Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland