Synonyms for Turn up:


draw in, reach. control, engage, activate, crank, flick, actuate, flash, energize, coax. buttonhole, coattails, disclose, come across, bodice, bib, find, armhole, arm, breast pocket, learn, care label, discover, collar. pop up, roll in, come and go, shoot up, crop up, arrive, descend on, spring up, enter, spring, come. intensify, trace, stumble across, map, boost, amplify, track down, strengthen, increase, run across, augment. double, unfurl. grow, stretch, abbreviate, lengthen, truncate, elongate, telescope, shorten, extend. supervene, drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, present itself, sneak up, take/catch someone by surprise, strike, gather pace, shoot. turn up (noun)
excavate, dig up, locate, come-on, fold up, show up, prove, fold, surface, come out.


come, arrive (verb)
reach, roll in, enter, show up.
discover or be discovered (verb)
disclose, learn, find, crop up, track down, dig up, pop up, come across.

Other synonyms:

arrive, supervene. sneak up. come. reach. shoot. strike. appear
crop up, roll in, pop up.
arrive at
come on
come up
spring up.
present itself.
Other relevant words:
discover, intensify, increase, come across, crop up, enter, track down, boost, arrive, find, learn, grow, roll in, spring up, reach, present itself, strike, come, pop up, disclose, dig up.