Synonyms for Separate:


alone, individual (adjective)
different, distinct, various, autonomous, single, diverse.
different (adjective)
unlike, other.
disconnected (adjective)
apart, independent, isolated, divergent, asunder, Sundered, unconnected, set apart, free, severed, removed, discrete, detached, abstracted.
dissimilar (adjective)
divergent (adjective)
divergent, Deflecting, spread, Dispersing, split.
extraneous (adjective)
dissociated, foreign-born, alien, parenthetical, immaterial, segregated, disconnected, exotic, extraneous, other, detached, removed, irrelevant, estranged, separated, outlandish, extraterrestrial, unrelated, outside, unessential, inadmissible, disjoint, Unallied, external, eerie, extrinsic, impertinent, disaffiliated, inappropriate, strange, foreign, inapplicable, unaffiliated, outer, nonessential.
separate (adjective)
distinct, disjoint, disassembled, Sundered, Disintegrated, individual, severed, dissociated, unrelated, disaffiliated, fragmentary, detached, disconnected, independent, unglued, alienated, unaffiliated, autonomous.
unequal (adjective)
different, uneven, dissimilar, discrete, unequal, unfair, nonuniform, disproportionate, distinct, lopsided, disparate.
unrelated (adjective)
remote, foreign, inapplicable, dissociated, alien, Unallied, unaffiliated, unrelated, extraneous, segregated, irrelevant, disjoint, detached, disenfranchised.


alimony, undo, contact, joint custody, ex, dissolution, access, co-respondent. conflicting, unlike, various, alternative, contrasting, diverse, intervene. aggregate, go away, bury, all, deadlock, leave, cushion, attack, chalk something up, concede, assist. assign, take down, screen off. assemble, spread-out, bite off, divide off. section, segment, come adrift, come off, break/cut loose, come unstuck. include, winnow, be nothing like, stand out, disagree, stick out, collide, contrast, vary, differ. collect, stand-alone, as distinct from, do with, in isolation. close off. separate (noun)
assort, disjunct, dissever, separated, distinguish, break, asunder, removed, offprint, disunite, disjoint, tell apart, distinct, isolated, discriminate, come apart, differentiate, carve up, single out, part, isolable, split up, reprint, secernate, individual, furcate, sort, split, ramify, segregated, abstracted, discrete, sort out, branch, fork, fall apart, tell, detached, freestanding, secern, unconnected, unintegrated, single, severalize, apart, divide, severalise, classify, class, set apart, disjoined.


alienate (verb)
disaffect, estrange, disunite, push away, divorce, divide, alienate, distance.
discriminate (verb)
differentiate, discriminate, discern, distinguish.
dissociate (verb)
detach, insulate, dismantle, disengage, split, halve, dissociate, cleave, disassociate, rend, sunder, part, disjoin, disconnect, rupture, partition, uncouple, excise, segregate, break, fragment, sever.
diverge (verb)
deflect, veer, spread.
divorce (verb)
disunite, split, divorce.
isolate, segregate (verb)
classify, order, seclude, insulate, close off, winnow, single out, sort, intervene, sift, sequester, group, discriminate, assign.
order (verb)
class, subordinate, plot, schematize, frame, design, maintain, classify, settle, right, marshal, control, orchestrate, prepare, unify, plan, group, categorize, collate, compose, schedule, regulate, stratify, program, place, grade, shape, unsnarl, screen, pigeonhole, mediate, sort, integrate, balance, harmonize, sift, array, fix, rate, score, form, structure, rationalize, support, scheme, set, devise, adjust, arrange, establish, systematize, type, Methodize, chart, normalize, order, organize, rank, stabilize, cast.
part company in a romantic (verb)
disunite, diverge, leave, estrange, go away.
remove something from group; keep or set apart (verb)
disconnect, detach, divorce, uncouple, come apart, dissever, sunder, break, undo, disjoin, distribute, disjoint, dissect, sever, split up, rupture, part, cleave, split, divide.
seclude (verb)
boycott, reject, ostracize, eject, exile, eliminate, expatriate, closet, cordon, blackball, blacklist, exclude, sequester, disbar, remove, deport, isolate, oust, expel, confine, extirpate, cloister, seclude, evict, banish, extradite, excommunicate.
separate (verb)
bisect, Unfix, incise, rip, axe, cut, slice, disintegrate, pare, disaffiliate, disassemble, scissor, unhinge, amputate, disarticulate, dissect, Unglue.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

bite off, demobilize, stand-alone, single, spread-out. segment. discharge. do with, section. various. come off. know. break open
winnow, single out.
come apart.
set apart.
Other relevant words:
go away, split up, leave, winnow, single, severalize, apart, isolated.

Usage examples for separate

  1. We had a nice sail up the harbor, between the large island upon which the town stands, and the smaller ones that separate the harbor from the ocean. – A Jolly Fellowship by Frank R. Stockton
  2. The four girls spent them each in her own separate way. – Four Girls and a Compact by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  3. That is, " He shall separate them some from others;"- or, literally, " the ones from the others." – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown