Synonyms for Campaign:


incursion, mission, pitched battle, assault, skirmish. billing, event marketing, direct mail, clickthrough, affiliate marketing, adspend, action, branding, advertising, buzz. direct elections, election, by election, advance poll, beauty contest, chad, disenfranchise, elect. dissuade, prevail on, spur, motivate, prod, entice, encourage, persuade, convince. sweep to/from power, represent, stand, stand for, take, canvass, get in, hold. charm offensive, round, series, syndrome, trail, operation, process, record. attempt to win; attack (noun)
warfare, movement, offensive, operation, push, crusade, drive, fight.
campaign (noun)
drive, movement, press, political campaign, agitate, crusade, safari, effort, run, push, take the field, cause, fight, military campaign, hunting expedition.
event (noun)
political campaign, run.
operations (noun)
attack, study at battle.
venture (noun)
deed, performance, production, procedure, activity, affair, task, enterprise, pursuit, project, undertaking, adventure, exploit, initiative, feat.
warfare (noun)
tussle, war, combat, jihad, bloodshed, engagement, scramble, drive, struggle, hostility, warpath, aggression, guerre, offensive, fight, scuffle, conflict, battle, crusade, contest, warfare.


attempt to win political election (verb)
canvass, contest, stand for, agitate, run.
battle (verb)
competition (verb)
venture (verb)
initiate, venture, proceed, undertake, scheme, pursue, act, maneuver, endeavor, perform.

Other synonyms:

incursion, event marketing, branding, skirmish, by election, affiliate marketing, advance poll, direct mail, pitched battle, beauty contest, direct elections, assault, chad, canvass, billing, charm offensive, disenfranchise, adspend, advertising. election, mission, clickthrough, elect, syndrome. buzz, stand for. get in, series. represent. trail. process. action. record. round, stand. hold. Other relevant words:
chad, disenfranchise, action, persuade, election, process, branding, safari, agitate, movement, clickthrough, mission, run, political campaign, effort, trail, stand, press, incursion, advertising, stand for, push, hunting expedition, adspend, cause, take the field, operation, series, record, canvass, military campaign, attack, assault.

Usage examples for campaign

  1. But the virtue campaign did not immediately begin. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  2. His plan of campaign was formed at once. – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc
  3. Served in Peninsular campaign commander- in- chief of forces in Canada. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various