Synonyms for Objective:


artistic style (adjective)
modernist, cubist, surrealist, impressionist, nonrepresentational, primitivistic, idealist, abstract, romantic, symbolist, expressionist, Dadaist, neoimpressionist, realistic, neoclassic, naturalist, constructivist, representationalist, neotraditional, classical.
fair, impartial (adjective)
equitable, cool, nonpartisan, disinterested, just, impersonal, unbiased, unprejudiced, dispassionate, unemotional, detached.
material (adjective)
palpable, concrete, solid, material, real, physical, substantial, worldly, natural, tangible, corporeal.
nonpartisan (adjective)
objective (adjective)
impartial, outside, peripheral, detached, extrinsic, unbiased, external, outer, non-subjective, surface, exterior, disinterested.
outward (adjective)
exterior, external, extrinsic, surface, outside, face, outward, outer.
square (adjective)


real world, kosher, genuine, accurate, apparent, fair. body, way, matter, role, sensible. declarative, deictic, substantive, grammatical, Frequentative, feminine, compound, inflected, conditional, complex. unprejudiced, square, nonpartisan, equitable, fair-minded, just. pragmatic, down-to-earth, sober, hardheaded, prosaic, pragmatical, tough-minded, matter of fact, practical, unromantic, excite. planned, point, view, why and wherefore, end in view, end, meaning, why. aim, goal (noun)
end, intention, mission, end in view, target, ambition, aspiration, object.
cognition (noun)
object, target, aim.
objective (noun)
impersonal, nonsubjective, object, verifiable, concrete, representational, clinical, neutral, target, object glass, aim, accusative.
pursuit (noun)
intention, aim, mission, goal, pursuit, undertaking, quest, life work, ambition, target, destination, lodestar, search, profession, vocation, aspiration.

Other synonyms:

apparent, scientific, genuine, unromantic, fair-minded, definitely, sure, pragmatical, tough-minded, undeniable, fair, definite, role. kosher, phenomenal, pragmatic, unprejudiced, down-to-earth, sensible, certain, mental, substantive, prosaic, authentic, accurate. firm, hardheaded, practical, matter of fact, why, actual, equitable, square. meaning, sober, just. way. view. end. point. neutral
Other relevant words:
impersonal, just, object, point, measurable, bodily, sober, end, role, matter of fact, factual, clinical, object glass, view, substantive, practical, accurate, why, meaning, nonpartisan, why and wherefore, neutral, scientific, tough-minded, nonsubjective, hardheaded, extraneous, end in view, unromantic, equitable, down-to-earth, genuine, pragmatic, actual, certain, verifiable, accusative, unprejudiced, unchangeable, representational, fair, sure, pragmatical, way, square, phenomenal, fair-minded, prosaic, sensible.

Usage examples for objective

  1. The treasure was Michael's practical objective – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer