Synonyms for Culture:


cross-cultural, growing, advanced, civil society, tending, production, civilize, the community, civilized, cultural, civilise. ethnology, breed, religion, barbarism, disorder, scholarship, agribusiness, history, education, the CAP, knowledge, Agronomics, mores, literature, agricultural, art, folklore, customs, lore, ethos, music, agrarian, agroindustry, agrochemical, humanities, agronomy, inheritance, learning. cell membrane, chloroplast, culture medium, cytology, cellular, cell wall, Kultur, cell. till, touch, tend, cultivate, dress, prepared, work. agriculture (noun)
Agronomics, agronomy.
beliefs (noun)
breeding, education, sophistication (noun)
civilization, dignity, learning, discrimination, manners, art, experience, finish, perception, elegance, grace, address, gentility, courtesy, dress, urbanity, training, refinement, politeness, enlightenment, savoir-faire, proficiency, cultivation, practice, erudition, polish.
courtesy (noun)
culture (noun)
finish, polish, cultivation, acculturation, civilisation, civilization, refinement.
development of land (noun)
Agronomics, tending, agronomy.
elegance (noun)
elegance, charm, exquisiteness, gracefulness, dignity, fineness, neatness, decorousness, refinement, sophistication, Classicalism, breeding, stylishness, cultivation, tastefulness, civility.
good manners (noun)
group (noun)
civilization, civilisation.
ideas, values of a people (noun)
ethnology, folklore, customs, knowledge, society, mores.
mankind (noun)
humanity, commonwealth, humankind, mankind, human race, man, people, human beings, populace, public, Family, citizenry, society, folk, species, community.


learning (verb)

Other synonyms:

ethos, dogma, doctrine, chloroplast, culture medium, ism, ideology, cell wall, Kultur, cell membrane, knowledge, cytology, courtesy, frame of reference. cultural, manners, civilized, philosophy, urbanity, till. theory. cultivate, cellular. dress. cell. ground. wisdom

Usage examples for culture

  1. 4. It will remain so covered; a very small proportion of it being capable of culture – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  2. How very many, like him, might be saved, were more women of tact and culture large- hearted also and willing to give a part of their time to such noble uses! – A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century by E. P. Roe
  3. " When I listen to my beloved Colet," he writes in 1499, " I seem to be listening to Plato himself"; and he asks- why go to Italy when Oxford can supply a climate " as charming as it is healthful" and " such culture and learning, deep, exact and worthy of the good old times ?" – The Charm of Oxford by J. Wells