Synonyms for Literature:


authority, poetry, history, blook, story, record, lore, bible, bestseller, annual, novel, drama, autobiography, anthology, almanac, atlas, biography, exposition. discourse, brass rubbing, research, essay, treatise, coloring, abstract, disquisition, summary, collage, discussion, thesis, art form, comment, paper, dissertation, critique, findings, article, tract, arts and crafts, report, treatment, batik, ceramics, art, theme, observation, carving. learning (noun)
writing (noun)
handwriting, composition, notation, portrayal, transcription, rewriting, writing, journalism, recording, typescript, calligraphy, formulation, ghostwriting, correspondence, authorship.
written matter, both fictional and nonfictional (noun)
essay, findings, report, novel, thesis, disquisition, abstract, history, research, discussion, exposition, summary, biography, dissertation, paper, lore, drama, treatment, comment, theme, treatise, poetry, tract, composition, discourse, article, story, observation, critique.

Other synonyms:

story. art. Other relevant words:
treatment, essay, history, novel, bestseller, bible, theme, authority, tract, lore, biography, almanac, comment, drama, collage, article, art, batik, exposition, poetry, atlas, discourse, report, record, paper, findings, autobiography, critique, coloring, abstract, disquisition, anthology, observation, summary, dissertation, research, discussion, thesis, treatise, ceramics, carving, blook, annual, story.

Usage examples for literature

  1. Let us freely use what is so much better than anything one nation can make, the Literature and Art of the whole past and the whole world. – Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890 by Octavius Brooks Frothingham
  2. He had nobody to come and talk with him of the world of literature and art. – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant