Synonyms for Exposition:


outline, explication, elucidation, gloss, instruction, theory, delineation. white paper, treatise, paper, tale, report, viewing, disquisition, enunciation, study, critique, trade show, analysis, review, tract, story, annotation, composition, piece, editorial, roadshow, expository, discourse, article, private showing, discussion. fair, exhibit, show. clarification, decipherment, illustration, explain, enucleation, construction, illumination, exegesis. communication (noun)
discourse (noun)
exposition (noun)
expo, exhibition, expounding.
fair (noun)
expo, exhibition, show.
interpretation (noun)
piece of writing (noun)
topic (noun)
issue, assumption, contention, opinion, conjecture, concept, matter, dissertation, paradigm, position, premise, belief, idea, postulation, axiom, text, assertion, argument, principle, consideration, query, problem, hypothesis, subject, statement, point, theorem, inference, question, presumption, topic, theme, thesis, motif, essay, basis.
written description (noun)
text, illustration, discussion, explication, disquisition, discourse, piece, essay, editorial, enunciation, article, critique, thesis, exegesis, elucidation, dissertation, statement, annotation, story, composition, construction, report, enucleation, delineation, paper, study, tale, review, treatise, expounding, analysis, theme, tract.

Other synonyms:

private showing, enucleation, decipherment, report, show, trade show, critique. article, viewing, review, explication, clarification, elucidation, discussion, roadshow, analysis. construction, illumination, composition, piece, illustration. fair. dialogue
Other relevant words:
story, paper, discussion, construction, explication, annotation, explain, exegesis, tract, instruction, elucidation, expo, exhibition, gloss, outline, expounding, review, analysis, article, disquisition, delineation, fair, report, enunciation, enucleation, study, critique, piece, show, discourse, treatise, exhibit, illumination, decipherment, composition, clarification, editorial, illustration, roadshow, tale.

Usage examples for exposition

  1. We are concerned here not with discussion, but with exposition – German Problems and Personalities by Charles Sarolea
  2. Exposition does not draw a picture, for that would be description. – The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein