Synonyms for History:


profile, characterization, picture, portrait, depiction. aesthetics, archeology, applied linguistics, agronomy, Anthropology, Records, ancient history, acoustics, architecture, social science, agriculture, archaeology. antiquity, the march of something, advancement, direction, advance, progress, maturation, a giant step/leap/stride, momentum, development. situation, event, state of affairs, conditions, context, version, words, position, environment, circumstance, climate. the turn of the century, age, happen, world, era. existence, occurrence, coexistence, life, background, lifespan, life cycle, lifetime, life expectancy, existential. accomplish (noun)
go down in history, do something important, achieve, succeed.
account (noun)
chronicle, detail, score.
background (noun)
chronicle (noun)
autobiography, narrative, chronology, index, register, book, memo, docket, archive, notebook, diary, Bank book, daybook, inventory, journal, ledger, log, enumeration, chronicle, biography, newsletter, scrapbook, Cashbook, statement, epic, description, memorandum, anecdote, newspaper, yearbook, calendar, account, recital, album, record, catalog.
duration (noun)
explanation (noun)
telling, summary, description, statement.
exposition (noun)
article, monograph, treatise.
fortune (noun)
life (noun)
lifetime, era.
past (noun)
yesterday, yesteryear, antecedent, yore, bygone days, past.
record (noun)
registry, memoir, documentation, log.
report (noun)
portrayal, monograph, treatise, article, report, retelling, memoir, recounting, telling.

Other synonyms:

coexistence, life expectancy, social science, era, maturation, occurrence, existence, advancement, lifespan, lifetime, direction, existential. momentum, life cycle, background, development. version, progress, advance, age. world.

Usage examples for history

  1. And family picture, sarve as a history – The Attache or, Sam Slick in England, Complete by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
  2. Tom asked if Blake would be up in his history in time. – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  3. But now I think of Jesus and his cross as the most natural and at the same time the divinest thing in the history of man. – Our Unitarian Gospel by Minot Savage