Synonyms for Article:


adjunct, allophone, collocate, allomorph, accusative, case, cleft sentence, antecedent. cartoon, classified ad, study, announcement, column, editorial, exposition, byline, banner headline, advice column, centerfold, artwork, cheesecake. affidavit, particular, bond, conveyance, brief, covenant, detail, point, criminal record, contract. apprenticeship, crash course, class, course, concentration, day school, ed, articles, doctoral, correspondence course. article (noun)
component (noun)
feature, percentage, medium, component, matter, piece, fragment, material, section, constituent, item, fraction, segment, element, filament, member, factor, part, portion, ingredient.
composition (noun)
condition (noun)
clause, condition, term, codicil, caveat, proviso, post script, provision.
discourse (noun)
dissertation (noun)
conjecture, position, hypothesis, analysis, examination, postulation, critique, essay, research, argument, dissertation, criticism, thesis, assertion, contention, interpolation, commentary, opinion, premise, discussion.
entity (noun)
item, object (noun)
substance, commodity, piece, thing, unit.
merchandise (noun)
cargo, stock, commodity, inventory, effects, merchandise, staple, ware, produce, goods.
piece of writing (noun)
commentary, essay, item, editorial, column, feature, treatise, exposition.
report (noun)
diary, chronicle, treatise, account, history, portrayal, statement, memoir, journal, description, report, summary, table, log, narrative, monograph, anecdote, recounting, telling, record, retelling.
section of document (noun)
clause, point, matter, provision, part, chapter, portion, detail, element.
substance (noun)
object, substance, stuff, thing, body, unit, something.

Other synonyms:

allomorph, byline, criminal record, affidavit, adjunct, antecedent, collocate, centerfold, detail, cheesecake, accusative, cleft sentence, organism, banner headline, advice column. announcement, allophone, column, cartoon, exposition, entity. covenant. case. brief, bond. point. essay
Other relevant words:
announcement, affidavit, allomorph, particular, point, byline, column, entity, brief, editorial, cartoon, adjunct, chapter, exposition, articles, detail, cheesecake, study, stipulation, organism, case, allophone.

Usage examples for article

  1. Sometimes he said, " That's a good article whose is it?" – Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815, Vol. I by Pierre Antoine Edouard Fleury de Chaboulon
  2. That article turned Washington over for a while. – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow