Synonyms for Authority:


clearance, approval, exemption, jurisdiction, dispensation. bible, almanac, annual, autobiography, bestseller, atlas, biography, anthology, weight, blook. greatness, administration (of an estate), monopoly, cabinet, court, police, leadership, bureaucracy, oligopoly. the authorities, the law, the boys in blue, the fuzz, critic, constabulary, the force, police force, the (old) bill, study at, the Garda. institution, club, dominion, guild, special interest, front, over, federation, setup, structure. official, observer, veteran, the intelligentsia, pundit. competency, ability. dab, ace, proficient, dab hand, past master. attribute (noun)
authorization, authorisation, potency, say-so, dominance.
authority (noun)
clout, rank, prestige, title, powerfulness, agency, steam, federal agency, assurance, mastery, prerogative, bureau, influence, license, might, sovereignty, cogency, command, commission, sway, power, strength, punch, government agency, force, kingship, potency, right, purview, superiority, dominance, entitlement, primacy, say-so, charge, mightiness, precedence, control, authorisation, credential, office, Prepotency, puissance, privilege, faculty, self-assurance, self-confidence, confidence, mandate, enfranchisement, sureness, sanction, birthright, stature, empowerment, authorization, seniority, domination.
authorization (noun)
command (noun)
will, grasp, prowess, rule, coordination, supremacy, discipline, grip, reign, management, direction, hold, government, law.
expert (noun)
maven, expert, connoisseur, whiz, professional, consultant, crackerjack, artist, specialist, genius, technician, adept, wizard, sophisticate, pro, buff, journeyman.
expert, animate or inanimate (noun)
pro, judge, executive, connoisseur, kingpin, buff, professional, governor, guru, professor, bible, law, pundit, scholar, specialist, wizard, veteran, whiz, expert.
importance (noun)
influence (noun)
predominance, pressure, bias, motivation, pull, importance.
judge (noun)
mediator, justice, censor, his honor, negotiator, judge, judiciary, administrator, referee, lord chancellor, umpire, adjudicator, his lordship, reconciler, moderator, arbitrator, magistrate.
master (noun)
mahatma, mother, officer, headmaster, dean, landlady, maestro, landlord, principal, quartermaster, headmistress, manager, kingpin, star, director, lord, captain, abbot, proprietor, ruler, senior, master, executive, proprietress, guru, president, leader, titleholder, squire, governor, sire, commandant, mandarin, chief, head, commander.
power (noun)
vigor, energy, competence.
power, control (noun)
prerogative, prestige, government, dominion, domination, mastery, rule, strength, license, might, punch, weight, supremacy, steam, force, jurisdiction, clout, influence, command, authorization, say-so, charge, right, sway.
royalty (noun)
sage (noun)
professor, wise person, savant, intellectual, philosopher, thinker, sage, doctor, scholar.
supremacy (noun)
validation (noun)
certification, confirmation, validation, substantiation, verification, authentication, authorization.

Other synonyms:

bible, almanac, anthology, autobiography, exemption, clearance, past master, leadership, oligopoly, dab hand, blook, atlas, guild, approval, the intelligentsia, observer, greatness, bestseller, biography, special interest, dominion, pundit. critic, monopoly, veteran, cabinet, setup, dispensation, official, annual, ace, jurisdiction, federation, competency. institution. structure. club. front. government

Usage examples for authority

  1. I had her own authority for saying so.... – Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose by Grant Allen
  2. And what authority I pray you, have you given him? – History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009
  3. Say on my authority that it is so. – Miss Mapp by Edward Frederic Benson