Synonyms for Production:


procreation, reproduction, blooming, giving, curtain raiser, command performance, double feature, yielding, double bill, act, booking, increasing, blossoming, debut, bearing, draw, appearance, augmentation, display. result, balanced equation, aerate, stock, the carbon cycle, bond, calcify, adsorb, behave, behavior, crop. movie, dub out, dub, cutting room, animation, direction, dub in, dub over, cut, composition, cutaway, direct, motion picture. productive, planned obsolescence, elaborate, MFG, reverse engineering, industrial, overdo, automated, exaggerate, factory, process. yield up, trot out, exhibit, present, make, hold up, wheel out. industry, mass production, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, big, means of production. piece, opus. creating of goods, result (noun)
creation, presentation, bearing, giving, generation, Manufacturing, fabrication, blossoming, construction, origination, direction, reproduction, manufacture, rendering, making, yielding, formulation.
creation (noun)
establishment, invention, origination, conception, formulation.
drama (noun)
presentation, suspense, burlesque, comedy, pageant, scene, mystery, art, panorama, characterization, show, choreography, drama, variety, melodrama, skit, mime, vaudeville, tragedy, spectacle, broadway, improvisation, excitement, pantomime, ballet, theater, teleplay, rendering, improvisational drama.
endeavor (noun)
approach, deed, contract, commitment, action, undertaking, enterprise, venture, adventure, attempt, essay, effort, gambit, performance, exploit, job, assay, endeavor, project, maneuver, purpose, aim, proceeding, engagement.
imagination (noun)
product (noun)
production (noun)
generation, manufacture, construction, making, product, execution, fabrication, building, creation, development, formation.
venture (noun)
procedure, feat, activity, initiative, scheme, pursuit, affair, campaign, task.

Other synonyms:

factory, mass production, productive, Manufacturing, MFG, planned obsolescence, automated, Heavy Industry. composition, opus, yielding. piece, industrial. process. commercial enterprise
Other relevant words:
motion picture, product, bearing, crop, industrial, opus, giving, act, industry, blossoming, piece, composition, debut, result, exhibit, process, factory, yielding, reproduction, procreation, automated, display, direction, make, appearance, productive, MFG, movie, Manufacturing.

Usage examples for production

  1. Besides, three or four years' training in Italy were needed- a different production altogether. – The Martian by George Du Maurier