Synonyms for Act:


treat, steer a course, be your normal self, compensate, discipline yourself, conduct yourself, revert to, conform, accord. cast, clown, commitment, comic, law, bull, writ, conjurer, amendment, ordinance, summons, document, artiste, decree, statute, artist, comedian, judgment, bill, order, edict, acrobat, verdict, proposal, code, comedienne, clause, subpoena. commune, the Corn Belt, canton, prologue, scene, the Bible Belt, cape cod, epilogue, introduction, curtain, interlude, finale, colonia, the Cotton Belt, commonwealth, costa. appearance, skit, sketch, activity, course, demonstration, monologue. case law, Chapter 11, Chapter 7, affectation, claim, civil rights, bylaw, civil liberties, pose, pretense, civil law. denouement, the credits, thing, content, backstory, ad lib, comic relief, contrivance, aside. command performance, draw, display, legislation, double feature, measure, debut, booking, curtain raiser, double bill, assize, Lex. deception, performing arts, smoke and mirrors, corruption, foul play, duplicity, deceit, Double dealing, guile, misconduct, dishonesty. disguise, true, Dissemblance, acting, masquerade, honest, carry out, take, show, simulation, go about. supersede, give way, substitute, make way (for), replace, change, swap, relieve, succeed, renew. overact, double for, COSTAR, enact, portray, star, understudy. impact, bring out, come into play, interact, get, make a difference, put, take effect. act (noun)
enactment, human action, play, move, behave, pretend, DO, routine, number, human activity, bit, represent, turn, dissemble.
action (noun)
act up (noun)
ordinance, law, affectation, Dissemblance, skit, sketch, exploit, turn, move, measure, decree, show, bill, enterprise, statute, edict, routine.
communication (noun)
legislative document (noun)
commitment, statute, judgment, law, writ, enactment, decree, verdict, measure, subpoena, order, amendment, edict, ordinance, bill, summons, clause, code.
part of a performance (noun)
epilogue, sketch, turn, bit, prologue, number, curtain, show, routine, scene, introduction.
pretended behavior (noun)
pose, pretense, simulation, affectation.
something done (noun)
move, exploit, thing.


act (verb)
endeavor, perform, function, labor, work, exercise, enterprise, transact, move, perpetrate, officiate, appear, execute, operate, behave, react, comport, conduct.
behave (verb)
practice, deport, proceed.
behave in a certain way (verb)
behave, react, perform, appear, comport, conduct, enact.
cause (verb)
drive, enforce, evoke, induce, provoke, effect, originate, engender, inspire, give rise to, force, produce, cause, motivate, elicit, bring about, engineer, generate, make.
creation (verb)
play, represent.
do something (verb)
officiate, labor, enforce, pursue, operate, undertake, go about, maneuver, practice, execute, carry out, take effect, perpetrate, DO, function.
dramatize (verb)
dramatize, present, improvise, characterize, pantomime, mime, play, choreograph, burlesque.
endeavor (verb)
venture, engage, commit, exploit, contract, maneuver, attempt, approach, assay, volunteer, aim, undertake.
entertain by playing a role (verb)
mime, star, play, characterize, pretend, portray, represent, dramatize, burlesque.
social (verb)
venture (verb)
initiate, pursue, scheme, campaign.
work (verb)

Other synonyms:

carry out, backstory, double bill, comic relief, canton, the Bible Belt, cast, civil liberties, go about, command performance, comedienne, pose, pretense, conjurer, cape cod, appearance, star, debut, demonstration, case law, bylaw, scene, commonwealth, curtain raiser, comic, double feature, Dissemblance, costa, artiste, civil rights, booking, comedian, acrobat, the Cotton Belt, civil law, the Corn Belt, double for, Lex, colonia, commune, assize. enact, course, artist, skit, prologue, understudy, contrivance, draw, simulation, aside, amendment, statute, show, COSTAR, clause. portray, bill, law, ad lib, masquerade. display, claim, content, sketch, disguise. acting. get. take. measure. thing. affect
carry out
Other relevant words:
comedienne, amendment, bylaw, impact, denouement, go about, bill, commune, take effect, writ, conform, substitute, artiste, course, dishonesty, canton, acrobat, artist, appearance, pose, carry out, simulation, acting, commitment, Double dealing, assize, show, Lex, duplicity, activity, epilogue, put, legislation, costa, bit, treat, overact, law, sketch, finale, draw, star, portray, curtain, comic, aside, claim, dissemble, document, thing, comedian, subpoena, backstory, replace, turn, affectation, interlude, enactment, debut, human activity, COSTAR, booking, number, disguise, prologue, human action, demonstration, cast, skit, enact, interact, commonwealth, represent, statute, judgment, swap, honest, introduction, order, content, display, corruption, code, bull, understudy, accord, edict, scene, proposal, monologue, deceit, conjurer, take, misconduct, pretend, colonia, relieve, succeed, verdict, Dissemblance, ordinance, clown, masquerade, measure, get, clause, supersede, summons, decree, true, deception, change, renew, pretense, guile, compensate, contrivance, routine.

Usage examples for act

  1. How often have I seen him act up to it! – The Soul of a People by H. Fielding
  2. " Collie, you act so strange.... – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  3. We know of no such act – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn