Synonyms for Sourness:


acerbity (noun)
tartness, acidity.
acidity (noun)
acerbity, causticity, pungency.
asperity (noun)
crossness, moroseness, bitterness, irascibility, acrimony, sharpness, irritability, Churlishness, meanness, peevishness, sullenness, crabbiness.
cognition (noun)
tartness, sour.
discontentment (noun)
unhappiness, uneasiness, inquietude, wretchedness, dissatisfaction, displeasure, discomposure, cheerlessness, uncomfortableness, ennui, disquiet, misery, gloominess, angst, non-satisfaction, boredom, discomfort, exasperation, anxiety, despondence, irritation, disgruntlement, frustration, anguish, joylessness, discontent.
flavor (noun)
savoriness, flavor, goodness, toothsomeness, piquancy, spiciness, saltiness, delectability, pepperiness, taste, deliciousness.
irritability (noun)
causticity, acrimony, tartness, bellicosity, crabbedness, crossness, surliness, irritability, bitchiness, cantankerousness, touchiness, Prickliness, Churlishness, pettiness, acerbity, bitterness, irascibility, Bearishness, spitefulness, petulance, huffiness, peevishness, crankiness, acidity, Crustiness.
pungency (noun)
acridity, spiciness, poignancy.
sapor (noun)
sourness (noun)
piquancy, Unripeness, sullenness, sour, moroseness, sharpness, acidity, tartness, sulkiness, pungency.
sullenness (noun)
glumness, contrariness, moroseness, malevolence, darkness, fretfulness, meanness, cynicism, sulkiness, unfriendliness, grimness, moodiness, crabbiness, obstinacy, grumpiness, dejection, dourness, grouchiness, melancholy, hostility, sullenness, long-facedness.
temper (noun)
grouchiness, petulance, fretfulness, surliness, touchiness, irritation, huffiness, cantankerousness.

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Usage examples for sourness

  1. " No," said I, " I love it not; it hath an under taste of sourness and an upper of oil, which do not make harmony to my palate. – Pelham, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton Last Updated: March 16, 2009
  2. It was to him the one smart of sourness in her charm as a woman. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith