Synonyms for Dissatisfaction:


dislike, objection, disapproval. letdown, regret, happy. boredom (noun)
condemnation (noun)
disappointment (noun)
discontent, unhappiness (noun)
discouragement, discomfort, frustration, anxiety, regret, irritation, envy, resentment, dislike, desolation, disquiet, exasperation, uneasiness, distress, oppression, disapproval, weariness, disgruntlement, worry, boredom, hopelessness, ennui, displeasure, trouble.
discontentment (noun)
despondence, cheerlessness, gloominess, angst, sourness, joylessness, exasperation, uncomfortableness, discomposure, anxiety, displeasure, frustration, unhappiness, disquiet, misery, boredom, wretchedness, discomfort, non-satisfaction, anguish, inquietude, ennui, disgruntlement, uneasiness.
dissatisfaction (noun)
displeasure, disappointment, irritation, discontent, vexation, frustration, unhappiness, disapproval, exasperation, dislike, regret, discomfort, resentment.
envy (noun)
greed, desire, avarice, covetousness.
resentment (noun)
discontent, pique, vexation, acerbity, envy, ill humor, umbrage, huffiness, wrath, antagonism, rancor, sullenness, resentment, offense, bitterness, infuriation, indignation, spite, hard feelings, soreness, irritation, bile.

Other synonyms:

objection, discontentment, disappointment, disapproval. letdown. remorse
Other relevant words:
discontentment, dislike, distress, malaise, regret, discouragement, letdown, objection, disappointment, weariness, hopelessness, desolation, worry, oppression, disapproval, trouble.

Usage examples for dissatisfaction

  1. " Thank you," said Colville, with a fine, remote dissatisfaction – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  2. Whatever expectation may lie at the bottom of this little heart, whatever secret remonstrance for his silence, whatever dissatisfaction with his apologies, whatever mortification that such apologies were necessary- How dare you- What right have you to pry into my heart? – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau