Synonyms for Resentment:


mood, asperity. dudgeon, miff, ruffled feathers, pain, huff, like. rancorousness, virulency, resentfulness, embitterment, feelings. aggravation (noun)
exasperation, trouble, enragement, discomposure, disturbance, harassment, inflammation, aggravation, provocation, bedevilment, exacerbation, bother, torment, petulance, arousal, perturbation, annoyance, virulence, scorn, ire.
bitterness (noun)
grudge, animus, hurt, Rankling, ill will, jealousy, outrage, hate.
disagreement (noun)
dudgeon (noun)
enmity (noun)
coldness, Adverseness, hatred, malice, friction, dislike, alienation, coolness, discordance, hostility, spitefulness, incompatibility, malevolence, loathing, contrariety, opposition, antipathy, unfriendliness, polarity, bad blood, Inimicality, tension, inharmoniousness, Averseness, combativeness, enmity, conflict, surliness, animosity, quarrelsomeness, contention.
envy (noun)
covetousness, avarice, greed, desire.
hate, anger (noun)
antagonism, ire, outrage, huff, exacerbation, dudgeon, malice, exasperation, perturbation, pique, bitterness, rancor, indignation, acerbity, vexation, miff, irritation, animus, hurt, grudge, offense, ill will, animosity, spite, wrath, annoyance, umbrage.
jealousy (noun)
malevolence (noun)
ill will.
offense (noun)
ruffled feathers.
resentment (noun)
discontent, irritation, rancour, offense, bile, infuriation, indignation, soreness, wrath, antagonism, vexation, gall, acerbity, huffiness, rancor, hard feelings, spite, sullenness, envy, umbrage, pique, dissatisfaction, ill humor, bitterness.

Other synonyms:

dudgeon, outrage, mood, rancorousness, asperity, embitterment, resentfulness, virulency, ruffled feathers. miff. huff. ill-will
Other relevant words:
animus, rancorousness, ruffled feathers, mood, jealousy, virulency, dudgeon, huff, miff, embitterment, hate, hurt, rancour, gall, resentfulness, outrage, grudge.

Usage examples for resentment

  1. But there was no trace of resentment in her mind; how could he love her? – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  2. She thanked him, but felt that if she had ground to fear resentment it was not Mossup's but his. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  3. When he turned a minute later and came back, the angry resentment was gone. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter