Synonyms for Discontent:


all (adjective)
discontent (adjective)
wretched, cross, discomposed, anguished, miserable, fed up, dissatisfied, ticked off, joyless, displeased, uncomfortable, disapproving, unhappy, disquieted, despondent, disgruntled, ungratified, malcontent, anxious, sour, uneasy, teed off, frustrated, gloomy, dissident, non-satisfied, irritated, irreconcilable, cheerless, restless, bored, exasperated.
resentful (adjective)
Huffed, acerbic, stung, galled, antagonistic, malevolent, spiteful, resentful, sore, hurt, Piqued, irritated, vexed, miffed, vindictive, bitter, Spleenful, envious, infuriated, splenetic, offended, embittered.


sadness, distress, grief, depression, annoyance, sorrow, remorse, restlessness, desolation. letdown, happy, regret, disappointment. disappointment (noun)
discontent (noun)
disgruntled, dissatisfied, disaffected, discontented, restless, malcontent, discontentedness, rebellious, unsatisfied, ungratified, discontentment, ill-affected.
discontentment (noun)
uneasiness, joylessness, discomposure, angst, cheerlessness, frustration, discomfort, disquiet, displeasure, anguish, non-satisfaction, ennui, despondence, gloominess, disgruntlement, inquietude, uncomfortableness, sourness, boredom, exasperation, misery, unhappiness, wretchedness, anxiety.
dissatisfaction (noun)
unhappiness, envy, regret, discontentment, depression, vexation, restlessness, uneasiness, displeasure.
envy (noun)
desire, covetousness, greed, avarice.
feeling (noun)
discontentedness, discontentment.
resentment (noun)
umbrage, acerbity, soreness, dissatisfaction, antagonism, indignation, rancor, offense, pique, envy, vexation, ill humor, spite, infuriation, sullenness, bile, wrath, bitterness, huffiness, resentment, irritation, hard feelings.

Other synonyms:

annoyance, disappointment. regret. letdown. Other relevant words:
restlessness, discontentment, depression, rebellious, grief, disaffected, letdown, sorrow, discontentedness, disappointment, sadness, discontented, happy, regret, remorse, desolation, distress, annoyance, unsatisfied, ill-affected.

Usage examples for discontent

  1. And as he wore his look of uneasiness and discontent when he took his seat beside her, her face became grave also. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  2. No. In all classes of society we find discontent – The Simple Life by Charles Wagner
  3. Always from the abysses of popular discontent there arises some Spartacus, some Liebknecht, some Smillie, crying that " the future belongs to the people." – The American Empire by Scott Nearing