Synonyms for Darkness:


evil (adjective)


misery, disappointment, distress, depression, eclipse, regret, murk, desolation, nightfall, grief, twilight, sadness, dusk, sorrow, shade, remorse, shadiness. depravity, wrong, decadence, villainy, excess, enormity. color, color scheme, colouring, depth, coloring, flash, discoloration, chromatic, contrast. blackness (noun)
dimness, jet blackness, blackness, night, gloom, dinginess.
cognition (noun)
concealment (noun)
dark (noun)
dusk, murkiness, duskiness.
darkness (noun)
dreariness, shadowy, obscurity, shadow, murky, duskiness, iniquity, swarthiness, Inkiness, dark, somberness, wickedness, gloominess, cloudiness.
dimness (noun)
gloominess (noun)
ignorance (noun)
backwardness, benightedness, ignorance.
ignorance; mystery (noun)
concealment, secrecy, seclusion.
invisibility (noun)
camouflage, latency, imperceptibility, invisibility, hiddenness, concealment, indiscernibility.
location (noun)
shadow, dark.
obscureness (noun)
opacity (noun)
opacity, murkiness.
place, time that is unlit (noun)
eclipse, obscurity, murkiness, shade, gloom, dimness, blackness, shadiness, murk, dark, duskiness, twilight, dusk, nightfall, cloudiness.
secrecy (noun)
mystery, secrecy, seclusion.
shade (noun)
sullenness (noun)
cantankerousness, meanness, glumness, grumpiness, malevolence, crossness, obstinacy, sourness, cynicism, moroseness, unfriendliness, melancholy, moodiness, crabbiness, irascibility, sullenness, sulkiness, fretfulness, petulance, dourness, contrariness, surliness, grouchiness, dejection, long-facedness, hostility, grimness.

Other synonyms:

depression, evening, chromatic, ignorance, discoloration. coloring. even. depth, color. flash.

Usage examples for darkness

  1. Then out again and back again until darkness came. – Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett
  2. I remembered I had gone back into that last Darkness saying, as I had said ten thousand times before: " Why had this come to Betty?" – My Little Sister by Elizabeth Robins
  3. She knew that it would be terrible to let it follow her into that darkness where she would presently go down with him alone. – The Flaw in the Crystal by May Sinclair