Synonyms for Frustration:


fury, asperity, anger, mood, outrage, resentment, temper, annoyance, rage. excited, excite, arouse, frisky, hot, want, on the pull, desire, randy. prevention, discouragement, proscription, sabotage, retardation, paralysis. difficulty (noun)
disappointment (noun)
disappointment, difficulty, failure.
disappointment, thwarting (noun)
failure, irritation, annoyance, hindrance, defeat, foiling, resentment, drag, disgruntlement, obstruction, impediment, dissatisfaction.
discontentment (noun)
disquiet, inquietude, cheerlessness, disgruntlement, irritation, anguish, sourness, discomfort, despondence, exasperation, dissatisfaction, joylessness, unhappiness, anxiety, non-satisfaction, ennui, discontent, misery, discomposure, displeasure, angst, uncomfortableness, boredom, wretchedness, uneasiness, gloominess.
feeling (noun)
frustration (noun)
foiling, defeat, thwarting.
hindrance (noun)
blockage, bottleneck, impasse, deterrent, congestion, obstruction, stoppage, brake, clog, encumbrance, handicap, jam, entrapment, drawback, bafflement, delay, constraint, resistance, snag, choke, interruption, stay, impedance, tangle, opposition, burden, block, snarl, hindrance, complication, entanglement, bung, mire, stop, blockade, barrier, damper, obstacle, crimp, catch, inhibition, constipation, restriction, disadvantage, drag, plug, hurdle, restraint, impediment, dam.

Other synonyms:

difficulty, failure, prevention, disappointment. paralysis, discouragement. sabotage. Other relevant words:
failure, defeat, prevention, paralysis, retardation, annoyance, proscription, anger, resentment, difficulty, foiling, disappointment, discouragement, thwarting.

Usage examples for frustration

  1. But the plans of the princess, imparted to Mr. Rigby that she might gain his assistance in achieving them, were doomed to frustration – The World's Greatest Books, Vol III by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.