Synonyms for Irritation:


neuralgia, EINA. outrage, upset, asperity, stress. feelings, calamity, menace, pest, Bothering, joke, drag, pestering. plague, irritant, Besetment, nuisance, peeve. help. a disturbed mental state (noun)
exasperation, upset, provocation, vexation, discomfort, stress, annoyance.
aggravation (noun)
discomposure, disturbance, ire, bother, exacerbation, provocation, harassment, petulance, bedevilment, virulence, enragement, trouble, arousal, scorn, annoyance, exasperation, perturbation.
discontentment (noun)
despondence, anxiety, cheerlessness, disgruntlement, sourness, inquietude, unhappiness, uneasiness, boredom, gloominess, non-satisfaction, ennui, joylessness, angst, wretchedness, displeasure, frustration, disquiet.
irritation (noun)
innervation, provocation, temper, annoyance, pique, soreness, botheration, excitation, annoying, aggravation, vexation, discomfort.
pain (noun)
crick, bite, torture, infliction, affliction, torment, inflammation, wrench, discomfort, malaise, misery, gripe, sore, sting, earache, smarting, anguish, throb, chafing, rack, painfulness, spasm, burn, agony, Migraine, injury, stitch, stab, grief, hurt, headache, pang, cramp, wound, throe, bruise, ache, Back Ache, suffering, pain, distress.
painfulness (noun)
cruelty, oppressiveness, distressfulness, woefulness, uncomfortableness, annoyingness, odiousness, severity, irksomeness, offensiveness, arduousness, unpleasantness, hurtfulness, grievousness, aggravation, acuteness.
resentment (noun)
dissatisfaction, antagonism, envy, rancor, offense, wrath, huffiness, bile, discontent, ill humor, pique, acerbity, bitterness, resentment, umbrage, vexation, soreness, indignation, infuriation, hard feelings, sullenness, spite.
sensitivity (noun)
soreness, susceptibleness, inflammation, susceptibility.
susceptibility (noun)

Other synonyms:

menace, pest, asperity, joke, outrage, Besetment, pestering, Bothering, EINA, neuralgia. irritant, peeve, calamity. nuisance, plague, drag. Other relevant words:
innervation, botheration, excitation, outrage, stress, pest, drag, nuisance, EINA, peeve, Besetment, pestering, susceptibleness, Bothering, temper, susceptibility, plague, annoying, irritant, upset.

Usage examples for irritation

  1. But the irritation induced by Clem's triumph quickly passed in reflection on Sidney's mode of leave- taking. – The Nether World by George Gissing
  2. Sight of that huge sprawling pile of white stone, its roof six levels above the ground, was a constant source of irritation to him. – The Return of Tharn by Howard Carleton Browne
  3. " I have been looking for you, Lucy," he said, in a voice rendered even more confused than usual by his eagerness, and the irritation of his feelings. – Amy Herbert by Elizabeth Sewell