Synonyms for Sharpness:


incisiveness, sharp. asperity (noun)
sourness, tartness.
attribute (noun)
edge (noun)
coast, brink, brim, bite, precipice, extremity, edge, perimeter, border, keenness, margin, boundary, outline, fence, fringe, tip, side, ring, periphery, incisiveness, curb, rim, frontier limit.
pungency (noun)
acridity, spiciness, poignancy.
severity (noun)
briskness, discipline, strictness, bluntness, dryness, acerbity, grimness, crispness, coolness, frostiness, brusqueness, chilliness, keenness, leanness, abruptness, intensity, matter-of-factness, authoritarianism, gruffness, bleakness, correctness, astringency, meticulousness, sternness, starkness, rigorousness, stringency, oppressiveness, preciseness, severity, harshness, causticity, acuteness, austerity.
sharpness (noun)
asperity, edge, bite, point, nettle, keenness, pungency, acuteness, tooth, acuity, distinctness.
shrillness (noun)
shrillness, hoarseness, squeal, scream, raucousness, reediness, piercing, creakiness, scratchiness, highness, whistle, screech, stridency, caterwaul.
sourness (noun)
bitterness, Unripeness, tartness, acidity, pungency, sourness, piquancy.
wit (noun)
deftness, foxiness, humor, inventiveness, trickiness, craftiness, astuteness, facility, wiliness, artfulness, intellect, sophistry, brilliance, resourcefulness, quickness, slyness, Subtleness, Canniness, scintillation, irony, urbanity, shrewdness, Cunningness, wit, scurrility, comedy, adroitness, cleverness, drollness, finesse, ingeniousness.

Other synonyms:

incisiveness. Other relevant words:
bite, incisiveness, asperity, acuity, sharp, distinctness.

Usage examples for sharpness

  1. There was an angry sharpness in the voice over the wire. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  2. But it was all good- humoured enough, and even the verbal sharpness which was employed was evidence of much mutual confidence and esteem. – Watersprings by Arthur Christopher Benson
  3. Now she was past that, and considered with equal sharpness if this one or that one wanted to cheat her. – The Portion of Labor by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman