Synonyms for Anguish:


EINA, study atdistress, neuralgia. happy, woe. anguish (noun)
hurt, torment, pain, torture.
dejection (noun)
grimness, mournfulness, plaintiveness, pensiveness, sullenness, wistfulness, sadness, blues, moodiness, contemplativeness, dolorousness, dreariness.
desolation (noun)
discontentment (noun)
ennui, inquietude, anxiety, dissatisfaction, non-satisfaction, unhappiness, angst, wretchedness, joylessness, sourness, discomposure, despondence, exasperation, disquiet, disgruntlement, displeasure, frustration, uneasiness, discontent, boredom.
feeling (noun)
torment, torture.
hopelessness (noun)
glumness, cheerlessness, moroseness, depression, hopelessness, misery, despair, disheartenment, gloominess, bleakness, heartlessness, pessimism, forlornness, dejection, desperation, melancholy, despondency, dispiritedness, discouragement, abandonment, downheartedness, spiritlessness.
pain (noun)
stitch, cramp, pang, throb, malaise, grief, bruise, discomfort, inflammation, agony, burn, painfulness, irritation, spasm, ache, injury, stab, sore, wound, earache, infliction, chafing, hurt, crick, sting, torture, bite, throe, suffering, smarting, distress, pain, affliction, headache, wrench, Back Ache, rack, Migraine, gripe, torment.
painfulness (noun)
distressfulness, aggravation, bitterness, offensiveness, acuteness, severity, annoyingness, unpleasantness, irksomeness, uncomfortableness, woefulness, arduousness, soreness, hurtfulness, odiousness, cruelty, grievousness, oppressiveness.
punishment (noun)
execution, incarceration, correction, crucifixion, chastisement, price, payment, forfeiture, judgment, reprisal, punishment, castigation, confinement, verdict, retribution, persecution, penalty, imprisonment, revenge.
severe upset or pain (noun)
grief, pang, throe, suffering, torture, woe, torment, affliction, misery, agony, wretchedness, distress.


emotion (verb)
hurt, pain.
pain (verb)
chafe, agonize, afflict, suffer, irritate, smart, inflame.
punish (verb)
correct, castigate, chastise, execute, crucify, imprison, lambaste, sentence, pillory, avenge, burden, chasten, judge, penalize, reprise, discipline, confine, fine, try, persecute, punish, Keelhaul, incarcerate.

Other synonyms:

neuralgia, EINA. woe. Other relevant words:
happy, woe, neuralgia, EINA.

Usage examples for anguish

  1. There was a look of anguish and disappointment in Richard's eyes as he replied: " I thought- I hoped I might find her here." – Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
  2. What might have been the issue of his anguish if these holy ones had cast Him off? – The Gospel According to St. Mark by G. A. Chadwick