Synonyms for Vendetta:


controversy, conflict, argument, disagreement, a war of words, misunderstanding, confrontation. disagreement (noun)
misunderstanding, feud, quarrel, controversy.
discord (noun)
family feud (noun)
blood feud.
squabble (noun)
fight, feud, quarrel, dispute.
vendetta (noun)
fight, conflict, disagreement, dispute, argument, blood feud, revenge, quarrel.


revenge (verb)
reprisal, comeback, retribution, payback, retaliation, vengeance.

Other synonyms:

revenge. quarrel
Other relevant words:
reprisal, argument, dispute, conflict, feud, fight, retaliation, quarrel, vengeance, payback, disagreement, blood feud, revenge, controversy.

Usage examples for vendetta

  1. No word of it comes from the lips of the victims, who are in mortal terror of the vendetta of meeting some casual stranger on the street who will significantly draw the forefinger of his right hand across his throat. – Courts and Criminals by Arthur Train
  2. No more can we witness tragedies of family vendetta enacted. – Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobé
  3. " It is the end of the vendetta and our promise to our father will have been kept," said Essain. – Lord John in New York by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson