Synonyms for Spitefulness:


venomousness, attitude, ill will, poisonousness, malignity, despitefulness. revenge, vindictiveness, forgiveness, vengefulness. backbiting (noun)
cruelty (noun)
rancor, wickedness, coldness, venom.
enmity (noun)
contention, combativeness, contrariety, coldness, loathing, malice, quarrelsomeness, resentment, rancor, hostility, conflict, Inimicality, antagonism, antipathy, hatred, inharmoniousness, opposition, dislike, friction, discordance, animosity, polarity, tension, malevolence, Adverseness, incompatibility, bad blood, unfriendliness, coolness, enmity, Averseness, hard feelings, wrath, alienation.
grudge (noun)
dislike, animosity, bad blood, bitterness, antipathy, malevolence.
ill will (noun)
antagonism, acrimony, unfriendliness, hard feelings, hostility.
irritability (noun)
bitterness, causticity, acrimony, peevishness, cantankerousness, petulance, Crustiness, surliness, acerbity, tartness, Bearishness, touchiness, pettiness, bitchiness, Prickliness, crankiness, acidity, bellicosity, Churlishness, sourness, irascibility, crabbedness, irritability, huffiness, crossness.
malevolence (noun)
foulness, bane, cattiness, wickedness, corrosiveness, maliciousness, venom, hatefulness, nastiness, evil, meanness, hurtfulness, virulence, malignancy, sinisterness, ill nature, viciousness.
malice (noun)
bane, vindictiveness, acerbity, hatefulness.
rancor (noun)
spitefulness (noun)
malice, ill will, meanness, malignity, despitefulness, spite, poisonousness, enmity, vengefulness, bitchiness, revenge, viciousness, evil, maliciousness, resentment, venomousness, venom, nastiness, hatred, cattiness, malignancy.
vindictiveness (noun)

Other synonyms:

vindictiveness, vengefulness, venomousness, despitefulness, poisonousness. malignity, revenge. ill will. Other relevant words:
attitude, venomousness, malignity, forgiveness, vengefulness, despitefulness, poisonousness, vindictiveness, revenge, spite.

Usage examples for spitefulness

  1. Yet she looked very pretty and piquant in her small spitefulness which was still so general and superficial that she seemed to shake it out of her wet petticoats in a vicious flap that disclosed her neat ankles. – The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  2. Its spitefulness was directed entirely toward Marjorie herself. – Marjorie Dean, High School Junior by Pauline Lester
  3. We may not be ill- natured, and the sweet charity that " thinketh no evil" may have a home in our hearts; yet sometimes, if we are not watchful, it may fall asleep, and bitterness, or the spirit of spitefulness come creeping stealthily to the surface. – The Man Who Pleases and the Woman Who Charms by John A. Cone