Synonyms for Anxiety:


pressure. bogey, feelings, bugaboo, distress, cancer, unease, nervousness, bogie, blanket, canker, bugbear, demons. anxiety (noun)
dejection (noun)
depression, disheartenment, wistfulness, discouragement, grimness, blues, dolorousness, downheartedness, mournfulness, plaintiveness, sadness, pensiveness, dispiritedness, moroseness, woefulness, despondency, glumness, dreariness, contemplativeness, sullenness, moodiness, melancholy, dejection, despair.
discontentment (noun)
despondence, sourness, anguish, misery, joylessness, disquiet, frustration, exasperation, dissatisfaction, displeasure, inquietude, discomfort, boredom, unhappiness, gloominess, cheerlessness, uncomfortableness, ennui, irritation, discontent, discomposure, wretchedness, non-satisfaction, disgruntlement, uneasiness.
dismay (noun)
excitement (noun)
arousal, exhilaration, effervescence, turbulence, fervency, attentiveness, stimulation, animation, disquietude, Ardency, fire, energy, agitation, feverishness, fervor, inflammation, excitement, electrification, furor, passion.
expectation (noun)
apprehensiveness, presumption, envisioning, pessimism, expectation, uncertainty, suspense, contemplation, anticipation, foreboding, expectancy, worriment.
fear (noun)
angst, intimidation, cowardice, fright, faintheartedness, terror, spinelessness, apprehension, alarm, fear, dread, timidity.
restlessness (noun)
unease, inquietude.
state (noun)
unrest (noun)
worry (noun)
study atcare, unease, neurosis, Butterflies, stress, distress, strain, tension, nervousness.
worry, tension (noun)
disquiet, worriment, apprehension, disquietude, uncertainty, angst, dread, foreboding, suspense, distress, misery, uneasiness, Butterflies, unease, nervousness.

Other synonyms:

bugaboo, bogey, bugbear, unease, distress. canker, cancer, strain, tension, stress. blanket, pressure, nervousness.

Usage examples for anxiety

  1. He followed me to the door, with a smile on his lips but anxiety in his eyes. – Simon Dale by Anthony Hope
  2. The old face was pale and grave with anxiety – The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard
  3. Ashe looked at her with anxiety finding it indeed impossible to laugh at her. – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward