Synonyms for Wax:


depilatory, electrolysis, floor wax, beeswax, resin, shave, sealing wax, safety razor, furniture polish, bikini line, petrolatum, carnauba, aftershave, earwax, automobile wax, candelilla, lanolin, honeycomb, pluck, shave off, oxocerite, cerumen, petroleum jelly, razor. snowball, build, agent, beef up, swell, concentrate, escalate, increase, enlarge, burgeon, substance, expand, build up, augment, material, magnify, soar, powder, run up, stuff, amplify, multiply, boost, extend, solid, aggrandize, medium, matter, upsurge, proliferate. come, orbit, sink, change, turn, go in, eclipse, full moon, get, become, wane, go down. deaf-and-dumb, aural, auditory, cochlea, deaf-mute, ear, deaf, deafen, auditory nerve. double, mature, inflate, supersize, dilate, wax and wane, outgrow. plate, ice, carpet, paper, tile, board over, plaster, varnish, cement. dovetail, mortise, mortice, carpentry, preserve, joinery, sand, season, sawdust, knotty. increase (noun)
wax (noun)
climb, rise, full, mount.


become large, fuller (verb)
become, build, come, augment, increase, rise, magnify, dilate, turn, upsurge, multiply, expand, mount, enlarge, swell.

Other synonyms:

eclipse, orbit, full moon, upsurge, concentrate, board over, powder. substance, burgeon, escalate, augment, magnify, build, snowball, expand, go in, enlarge, amplify. aggrandize, increase, matter, varnish, soar, tile, proliferate, become. carpet, material, go down, multiply, boost, sink, medium. extend, paper, ice, solid, cement, stuff, plaster. agent. plate. come. turn. get. expand
Other relevant words:
carnauba, increase, medium, candelilla, deafen, solid, deaf-and-dumb, resin, multiply, mortice, razor, tile, sealing wax, mature, floor wax, escalate, become, swell, depilatory, season, knotty, sawdust, auditory, cement, enlarge, ear, come, boost, plaster, aggrandize, mortise, powder, carpentry, burgeon, beef up, supersize, honeycomb, lanolin, snowball, carpet, varnish, outgrow, stuff, oxocerite, upsurge, plate, agent, pluck, earwax, magnify, proliferate, joinery, aural, cochlea, orbit, change, turn, wane, preserve, shave, aftershave, electrolysis, beeswax, augment, dovetail, sand, paper, deaf, inflate, build up, sink, dilate, petrolatum, cerumen, eclipse, extend, expand, matter, double, get, build, substance, ice, material, amplify, soar, concentrate.

Usage examples for wax

  1. Meantime the wax candle and the Argand oil lamp held their own bravely. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  2. I will model it in wax and give it to you. – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  3. The letter was still there, waiting, its wax seal warm against his shirt. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover