Synonyms for Shrink:


crater, slump, dip. analyze, analyst, ego, consciousness, aversion therapy, analyse, blench, free association, couch, withdraw, analysis, collective unconscious. dwarf, scale back, let down. retract, wax and wane, shrinkage, contraction. psychoanalyst (noun)
shrink (noun)
psychiatrist, wither, quail, funk, flinch, head-shrinker, squinch, cringe, wince, recoil, reduce, contract, shrivel up, shrivel.


avoid (verb)
decline, evade, circumvent, elude, avoid, escape, sidestep, shirk, shun, avert, skip, abstain, bypass, dodge, recoil, duck.
become smaller (verb)
decrease, dwindle, lessen, condense, diminish, wither, shrivel, reduce, contract, concentrate, compress, deflate, shorten.
change (verb)
reduce, shrivel, shrivel up, contract, wither.
contract (verb)
condense, wither, squeeze.
decrease (verb)
abridge, truncate, contract, deflate, erode, abate, decrement, deplete, abbreviate, diminish, subside, drain, curtail, lower, concentrate, lessen, deduct, recede, decrease, shorten, compress, die down, compact, dwindle.
diminish (verb)
lighten, reduce, downgrade, pare, crop, prune, trim, shear, taper, clip, weed, bob, cull, minimize, shave, nip.
flinch (verb)
cower, wince, flinch, blink.
hesitate (verb)
balk, pause, delay, halt, wait, falter, hesitate.
lose (verb)
dissipate, forfeit, dispossess, divest, drop, misplace, lose, debit, dissolve, exhaust.
recoil, shy away (verb)
cringe, retreat, cower, flinch, quail, withdraw, wince, blench, draw back, recede.

Other synonyms:

draw back, halve, slump, crater, scale back. constringe, blench, pull away, back away, shrinkage, scatter, retract, backtrack, dip. contraction, stand aside. shy. retreat. dwarf, start. let down. part. back. contract
constringe, lose.
die down.
blench, start.
Other relevant words:
draw back, cringe, dip, shy, back, contraction, shrinkage, quail, backtrack, dwarf, pull away, squinch, shrivel, retreat, withdraw, retract, shrivel up, funk, start, blench, constringe, psychiatrist, analyst, stand aside, back away, head-shrinker.

Usage examples for shrink

  1. " And here I have got to make one comparison between Mr. Wilson and myself simply because he has invited it and I can not shrink from it. – The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt by Oliver Remey Henry Cochems Wheeler Bloodgood
  2. Joe, felt the child start and shrink against him. – After a Shadow, and Other Stories by T. S. Arthur
  3. The big man seemed to shrink into himself and to shrink back and away from Alan. – The Indian Drum by William MacHarg Edwin Balmer