Synonyms for Reduce:


boil, braise, baste, broil, brown, charbroil, barbecue, bake. bottom out, bounce back, climb, beat down, appraise, Capping, defeat, bargain, cap. demote, scale back, dwarf. long. money, write down. fat. reduce (noun)
dilute, slenderize, cut, tighten, cut back, quash, concentrate, slim, scale down, bring down, lose weight, decoct, deoxidise, shorten, melt off, slim down, come down, trim back, keep down, cut down, abridge, boil down, subdue, trim down, thin, foreshorten, thin out, deoxidize, trim, repress, subjugate.


alleviate (verb)
ease, mitigate, palliate, assuage, allay, soothe, relieve, alleviate, moderate.
cheapen (verb)
degrade, devaluate, debase, devalue, mark down, slash, cheapen, belittle.
curtail (verb)
diminish, discontinue, decrease, fragment, minimize, shorten, curtail, abbreviate.
defeat (verb)
beat down, subjugate, subdue.
detract (verb)
derogate, discount, detract, abrade, cast aspersion, malign, disparage, decry, defame, depreciate.
dilute (verb)
attenuate, thin, dilute.
diminish (verb)
compact, deflate, concentrate, decrement, shear, cull, lighten, truncate, downgrade, erode, clip, condense, weed, pare, nip, taper, compress, shrink, bob, crop, deplete, contract, drain, abridge, shave, trim, prune, dwindle, lessen.
discount (verb)
humble, humiliate (verb)
bust, downgrade, bump, demote, degrade.
lighten (verb)
make less; decrease (verb)
depreciate, pare, shave, deflate, truncate, dwindle, lower, clip, cut back, curtail, discount, dilute, rebate, lose weight, cut, cheapen, moderate, cut down, break, scale down, lessen, trim, abridge, debase, contract, slash, drain, taper, slim, shorten, diminish, abate, mark down.
simplify (verb)
factor, simplify, refine, purify, elucidate, strip, clarify.
subtract (verb)
delete, lower, elide, dock, deduct, subtract, cut.

Other synonyms:

demote, scale back, peter. rebate. bump, dwarf. bust. break. cheapen
beat down, mark down.
cut short
peter, taper.
cut back.
lose weight
tail away.
abbreviate, elide.

Usage examples for reduce

  1. I don't care if you never reduce – A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  2. I think we reduce ourselves to the bare bones too much. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  3. " All right, then," said the chief, smiling, " I guess you won't reduce the visible supply of caribou in Alaska enough to hurt." – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler