Synonyms for Curtailed:


decreased (adjective)
depleted, abridged, Abated, concentrated, deflated, compressed, lower, shrunk, abbreviated, lessened, decreased, diminished, truncated, decremented, shortened, Receded, contracted, drained, eroded, Compacted.
diminished (adjective)
Pared, removed, drained, shrunken, diminished, eroded, depleted, mowed, Leached, Compacted, lowered, deducted, reduced, Lightened, weeded, abbreviated, trimmed, sheared, dropped, shaved, lessened, Dwindled, cropped, contracted, tapered, shortened, deflated, Nipped, concentrated, decreased, Bobbed, decremented, pruned, truncated, condensed, compressed, clipped, Receded, abridged, docked, downgraded, cut.
incomplete (adjective)
lacking, segmental, incomplete, unachieved, short, embryonic, insufficient, patchy, discontinuous, partial, Unaccomplished, unfulfilled, deficient, missing, immature, unsatisfactory, scanty, fractional, sectional, fragmentary, unattained, undone, unfinished.
lower (adjective)
prohibited (adjective)
forbidden, controlled, rejected, restrained, prohibited, disapproved, barred, constrained, Precluded, Refused, blocked, Disallowed, restricted, banned, outlawed, suppressed, Denied.
reduced (adjective)
abridged, lessened, subtracted, Nipped, compressed, clipped, weeded, Deleted, cropped, removed, decreased, abbreviated, Discounted, deducted, deflated, lowered, docked, trimmed, sheared, pruned, Depreciated, Bobbed, Pared, contracted, drained, shortened, shaved, cut, Snubbed, Elided, reduced, mowed, bated, diminished, eroded.
short (adjective)


curtailed (verb)
reduced, fragmented, discontinued, minimized.
decreased (verb)
lowered, deducted, Dwindled, Subsided, died down, Shrank.
diminished (verb)
eroded, compressed, diminished, drained, sheared, pruned, tapered, condensed, trimmed, Compacted, cropped, decremented, depleted, downgraded, abridged, contracted, minimized, reduced, shaved, Nipped, truncated, clipped, deflated, lessened, shrunk, concentrated, Pared, shortened, abbreviated, weeded, Bobbed, decreased, Lightened, Shrank, Dwindled, Culled.
prohibited (verb)
disqualified, curbed, inhibited, Forbade, Prevented, oppressed.
rejected (verb)
vented, discarded, discharged, Spewed, Emitted, junked, Excised, Disclaimed, Trashed, Denied, Culled, clipped, disapproved, Disallowed, drained, Disgorged, Vomited, deep-sixed, Secreted, Eliminated, shedded, Blackballed, checked, Sniped, lopped, Ejected, seeped, Oppugned, scraped, blacklisted, exhausted, sheared, Excluded, abandoned, barred, Exuded, rejected, cropped, evacuated, jilted, jettisoned, Belched, chopped, Excreted, erupted, Ejaculated, cut.
subtracted (verb)
lessened, subtracted, diminished, Elided, trimmed, cropped, docked, reduced, clipped, pruned, Discounted, Deleted, abridged, lowered, deducted, Depreciated, shaved, cut, sheared, decreased, Pared, weeded, Bobbed.

Usage examples for Curtailed

  1. When I am away from him I think subordination and regulation are very fine things, but when I am with him I feel that my liberty is somehow strangely curtailed – The Silent Isle by Arthur Christopher Benson
  2. " R. P. Burns, M. D." was the brief inscription above the table of " office hours," and the owner of the name invariably so curtailed it. – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond
  3. The great overseas movement of coal from Germany was stopped and that from England curtailed – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith