Synonyms for Appointment:


audience, authorization, selection, audioconferencing, ordination, annual meeting, AGM, approval, caucus, installation, election, colloquium, deputation, conclave, nomination, choice, assembly, briefing. assignation, interview, engage, appoint, hire, arrangement, employ, rendezvous, recruit, sign on, retain, errand, take on, confirm, sign, meeting. call, delegation, background, business, collaboration, post, profession, placement, career, division of labor, job, calling, office. berth, situation, position, spot, billet, gig, place, slot. tryst, agree. machine, movable, Furnishing. act (noun)
assignment, designation, naming.
appointment (noun)
assignment, appointee, fitting, engagement, designation, date, naming.
arrangement for meeting; prearranged meeting (noun)
date, rendezvous, gig, interview, assignment, errand, tryst, assignation, engagement.
artifact (noun)
assignment of responsibility (noun)
authorization, installation, approval, naming, election, delegation, ordination, selection, deputation, designation, nomination, choice.
delegation (noun)
furnishing(s) (noun)
group (noun)
engagement, date.
job, position of responsibility (noun)
office, situation, place, appointee, berth, post.
ordination (noun)
ordination, naming.
situation (noun)


naming (verb)

Other synonyms:

office, meeting, colloquium, division of labor, audioconferencing, conclave, briefing, Furnishing, annual meeting, job, caucus, delegation, gig, AGM, career, interview, billet. slot, collaboration, profession, movable. post, background. spot, assembly, berth, audience. position. situation. business. place. assignation
tryst, assignation.
Other relevant words:
authorization, delegation, call, engage, choice, gig, post, tryst, election, AGM, place, nomination, career, rendezvous, colloquium, placement, office, interview, selection, installation, hire, job, sign, caucus, errand, situation, position, meeting, calling, conclave, machine, berth, briefing, spot, employ, agree, deputation, confirm, audience, billet, assembly, appoint, collaboration, movable, recruit, arrangement, audioconferencing, retain, Furnishing, ordination, approval, background, profession, slot, assignation, business.

Usage examples for appointment

  1. You forget my murdered friend who is waiting for me; I never miss an appointment – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac