Synonyms for Barbecue:


boil down, charbroil, griddle, brown, appliance, baste. Barbie, brunch, box lunch, BBQ, cookout, breakfast bar, a bite, buffet. burner, coffee machine, colander, coffee maker, beater, blender. artifact (noun)
barbecue (noun)
cook out, barbeque.
food (noun)
grill for cookout (noun)
roaster, griddle, broiler.
instrument (noun)
meal (noun)
feast, sustenance, banquet, drink, eating, foodstuff, morsel, grub, bread, cuisine, lunch, dinner, picnic, snack, taste, ingestion, meal, meat, nutriment, spread, board, breakfast, food, fare, consumption, feed, repast.
meal cooked on grill (noun)
picnic, cookout, bake.
oven (noun)
microwave oven, electric stove, broiler, coal stove, stove, brazier, Dutch Oven, boiler, Dutch stove, oven, toaster, warmer, cooker, cookery, baker, range, brick oven, roaster, Chafer, electric oven.


change (verb)
cook out, barbeque.
cook outside, usually on a grill (verb)
sear, fry, broil, grill.
heat (verb)
fry, toast, boil, stew, scorch, cook, scald, parch, burn, grill, broil, simmer, roast, sear, heat, warm, bake, poach, singe, swelter, fire, parboil, char, braise.

Other synonyms:

cookout, blender, coffee maker, breakfast bar, colander, brunch, griddle, coffee machine, BBQ, Barbie, box lunch, charbroil. beater, burner, boil down, baste, brown. buffet. Other relevant words:
brunch, beater, brown, baste, colander, appliance, blender, cookout, burner, buffet, charbroil, Barbie, barbeque, cook out, griddle, BBQ.

Usage examples for barbecue

  1. It resembled a barbecue and was quite as inclusive. – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland
  2. I have come to know the thrill and the dust and the cattle- odors of the round- up; the warm companionship of the ranchman's dinner- table; such profanity as I never expect to hear again; singing and yarns and hints of the tragedy of prairie women; and, at the height of a barbecue the appalling intrusion of death. – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn